Retirement Planning Made Easy

401(k) Retirement

The Supplemental Health Care 401(k) savings program allows you to plan for the future while earning easy money now.  

Like all 401(k) programs, you’re allowed to make tax-deferred contributions to your Supplemental Health Care 401(k) program.  What makes our program stand apart? 

Unlike most programs, Supplemental Health Care will make a matching contribution on each paycheck equal to 50% of your contributions up to 6% of your compensation.  In other words, if you contribute 6% of your income, Supplemental Health Care will reward you with an extra 3%.  Eligibility requirements for participation are available from your SHC representative. 

Our 401(k) savings program is another reason to look to Supplemental Health Care as a long-term employment option – and a great opportunity to plan for your retirement!

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