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2018 American Staffing Association's National Staffing Employee of the Year Brittney Bourgeois


The American Staffing Association announced that speech-language pathologist Brittney Bourgeois is the 2018 National Staffing Employee of the Year.

Brittney works with children in the St. Louis public school system as a speech-language pathologist through Supplemental Health Care. Due to the flexibility that staffing offers, Bourgeois ensures that her husband and two young children come first, while also meeting the needs of her students.

Bourgeois’s students, who range in age from three to seven years,  have a wide range of speech-language issues and disorders. More than half have a developmental disability, such as Down syndrome or autism, and struggle to interact with others and participate at school or home. By working on their articulation and intelligibility, Bourgeois helps her young students find their voices and participate more confidently in social settings. She has developed close relationships with several of her students and their families, and considers herself fortunate to be able to make a difference in the lives of so many children.

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