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Licensing News: New State Added to Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact

The latest news regarding the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact.

As promised, we are continuing to publish content as it becomes available regarding the latest enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) news and states adopting the policy.  Currently, there are 29 states with active eNLC legislation.  The biggest news for travel nurses is that the state of Florida is now an eNLC state. You can quickly find a listing of all current eNLC states by clicking on this link here.

In addition to the latest states that have adopted eNLC, there are another nine states with pending legislation to enter into the compact agreement.  The states to monitor are New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Louisiana, and Kansas.

Let’s review the eligibility requirements for obtaining a compact license:

  1. You must legally reside in a current eNLC state.
  2. You must be holding an active RN or LPN/VN nursing license in good standing.
  3. You must sign a declaration that your primary state of residence is a current compact state.
  4. You must meet all applicable licensing requirements in your home state.

If you are currently in a non-compact state or in a state that has pending legislation, you are encouraged to take action and share your desire to see eNLC legislation passed as quickly as possible.  You can learn more about getting involved here.

What states are you most interested in seeing enact enhanced compact legislation?  Have you participated in any compact awareness efforts in your state?  Do you plan to get involved?  We want to hear how important having all 50 states participating in eNLC is to you and your career.  Share your thoughts in the comment section below or join the discussion on our Facebook page.

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