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COVID-19 Updates and Resources
During these uncertain times, there is a lot of information circulating around Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Ultimately, we all want to know how to stay safe and healthy. But we also need to know how to protect our healthcare professionals on the front lines and our most vulnerable populations.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 26, 2020
Social Work Spotlight: A Diverse Career
Elva has practiced various forms of psychotherapy for almost 25 years. After returning to college as a 40th birthday gift to herself, she found that psychology was a natural fit. With experience in social work and counseling psychology, Elva has used her career to help others work through their issues so they are better able to handle the challenges that may come.
By Katie Dashiell Mar 17, 2020
Care More Spotlight: Discovering Her True Calling
Like so many of us, Tina Kollar spent her college years trying to figure out what her career path might look like. She had always been interested in working with children, and one of her jobs in college was teaching classes in sports and gymnastics at a local recreation center. During this time, she found that working with the children was rewarding and gave her a sense of fulfillment, so she knew that her future would involve continuing that work.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 12, 2020
The Impact of Social Work
Social work has been around in some form or another for centuries. One of the more beautiful parts of humanity has been our desire to help those in need. Established with the aspirations to deal with the problems of poverty and inequality, social work is often linked with charity but is much more inclusive than that.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 5, 2020
Start Your Travel Nursing Career Closer to Home
Deciding to jump into travel nursing can be a difficult decision especially when you’re nervous about living in a totally new environment or getting lonely. The good news is, becoming a travel nurse doesn’t mean you have to venture across the country. Here are several considerations for taking a travel assignment closer to home.
By Katie Dashiell Feb 27, 2020
Care More Spotlight: Turning a Tragedy into a Career
On a Thursday morning, October 12, 2000, a US Navy guided-missile destroyer, the USS Cole was bombed in a terrorist attack. Seventeen sailors lost their lives, and another 39 were injured that day. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Sonar Technician Jennifer Kudrik sprang into action and began triaging her fellow shipmates who were injured in the bombing. With no formal medical training, Jennifer took direction from a fellow sailor who had healthcare training and did everything she..
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 20, 2020
Keeping Our Hearts Healthy with American Heart Month
February is heart centric for more than just Valentine’s Day, as we begin this month highlighting American Heart Month. Cardiovascular health is so important and there are plenty of ways to bring awareness to related issues this month. We’ve put together some helpful information about heart health to remind you and your loved ones to keep your hearts healthy together.
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 5, 2020
SHC Wins ClearlyRated’s 2020 Best of Staffing Client and Talent Awards
Supplemental Health Care, a leading staffing agency announced today that they have won Best of Staffing Client and Talent Awards for providing superior service to their clients and candidates. Presented in partnership with presenting sponsor, CareerBuilder, and gold sponsors Indeed and Glassdoor, ClearlyRated’s ClearlyRated's Best of Staffing® Award winners have proven to be industry leaders in service quality based entirely on ratings provided by their clients and candidates. On average,..
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 4, 2020
Travel Nursing Apps for Your Next Assignment
We can all agree that there are some essential travel apps you should always take on the road with you. As a nurse, you probably also have some great medical apps that can help you out on the job as well. As a travel nurse, you have unique needs for apps that intersect travel and healthcare: apps that can cater to your needs for furnished housing for a 13-week assignment and those to manage your documentation contract to contract. Be sure to add these apps to your packing list ahead of your..
By Katie Dashiell Jan 29, 2020
Care More Spotlight: Finding a Happy Home
Brianna Perry originally graduated from college and started her career in the corporate world, but always felt like she was meant to be doing something else. After a year, she decided she had to go back to school and pursue a career in healthcare.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 22, 2020
Trends for Nurses to Watch in 2020
Looking at recent healthcare trends, there are plenty of opportunities to highlight the nursing profession! In fact, the World Health Organization, (WHO) has declared that 2020 is officially the year of the nurse. With so much going on in the future of healthcare, awareness will give you the cutting edge this year!
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 16, 2020
Attending Trade Shows and Conferences for Healthcare Professionals
Making plans for 2020? Deciding to attend a trade show or conference can be overwhelming. For healthcare professionals, conferences can be a beneficial opportunity for personal and professional growth. We’ve put together a few benefits for attending events in the new year as well as tips to get you off to a great start.
By Andrea Kontos Jan 9, 2020
Our Care More Spirit
What an amazing year here at Supplemental Health Care! We have much to be proud of: Earning our second Best of Staffing® Award for both Client and Talent satisfaction AND getting our first World Class Service designation. Being recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts as one of the largest healthcare, Allied, Per Diem, and Travel staffing firms in the country. Our fifth year on this list speaks to our growth and outstanding reputation in our industry. We welcomed Vickie Anenberg, one of the..
By Lesa Francis Dec 30, 2019
Care More Spotlight: Selfless Concern for Others
One can never question Sister Mary Teresa Morris’ commitment to her nursing craft. She worked her way through St. Margaret School of Nursing as a nurse aide and surgical technician. She then earned an Associate of Arts in English from Donnelly College, her BSN from Missouri Northwest, and later a Masters in Adult Education at Pittsburgh State, and a Master of Public Health at St. Louis University.
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 23, 2019
Gift Ideas for Healthcare Professionals
Whether you’re exchanging gifts with your colleagues or just looking for the perfect present for a healthcare professional in your life, we’ve got you covered with unique ideas suited for every discipline and budget. It's hard to find gifts specific to a travel nurse, school speech-language pathologist, or a home health physical therapist. We’ve compiled a list to help you out with everyone on your list!
By Katie Dashiell Dec 16, 2019
The Human Factor in Healthcare
A recently released 2019 survey of registered nurses shows the growing pressure faced by the millions of nurses who provide care and other services each day. The pressure is coming from three main areas: the worsening nursing shortage, the impact of changing healthcare delivery, and new technology within healthcare.
By Donna Carroll Dec 10, 2019
Care More Spotlight: Advocating for Those in Need
As a nursing professional, sometimes the most important job you have during a shift is advocating for your patients. When someone is ill or injured, they may not have the ability to advocate for themselves, and that is where our Care More Spotlight recipient, Lisa Rodgers steps in. Lisa has been a registered nurse for eight years and has been traveling as an emergency department RN since 2013. As a traveler, Lisa has worked in 11 different emergency departments across the United States, and she..
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 3, 2019
Giving Thanks for Our Relationships
After joining the Supplemental Health Care Team in early 2016, I was able to pen my first “giving thanks” blog post in November of that year. I spoke about living my life with an Attitude of Gratitude and how that fit perfectly with the amazing talent and dedication that I witnessed throughout the Supplemental Health Care team.
By Mary B. Lucas Nov 26, 2019
Meet our SHC Ambassador for ASHA 2019
Meet our SHC Ambassador, Jessie Cáceres! Jessie is a speech-language pathologist and will be attending the American Speech-Language Hearing Association’s ASHA Convention with our team in Orlando, FL. Jessie has extensive experience as an SLP. She is bilingual and has worked in medical and educational settings, both rural and urban. As a traveling therapist, she has spent time in California, Washington, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. Jessie has also shared her experience and knowledge with her..
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 19, 2019
Honoring Veterans in Healthcare
Veterans Day is nationally observed on November 11th to honor our service members. We wanted to use this opportunity to recognize our Supplemental Health Care family’s service to their country and patients. We are lucky to work with veterans in many branches of service and healthcare disciplines across the country. Here are the stories of a few of them!
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 11, 2019
The Benefits of Working in Home Care and Hospice
November marks a dedicated time to appreciate the devoted and compassionate healthcare professionals that work in home care and hospice. More than 5 million patients in the U.S. annually receive in home care according to the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC). The demand for home health services is predicted to grow as more Americans retire in the coming years and seniors look to maintain more independence longer.
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 6, 2019
Care More Spotlight: Creating a Ripple Effect
Many times in life, the smallest of conversations can have a profound impact on our future. Such was the case with Theresa Tonello, a Supplemental Health Care RN working at School 93 for the Buffalo Public School District. Theresa’s career goal of becoming a nurse began when she was just sixteen years old. She was working her first job at a local nursing home. Every day, her elderly neighbor Art would sit out on his front porch after working all day in his small town corner store. One summer..
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 30, 2019
The Importance of Respiratory Care
Respiratory Care Week is October 20 - 26 Every year since 1982 when President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first National Respiratory Care Week, we take the time to breathe easier. The last full week in October (20-26, 2019) is about highlighting the hard-working doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists that help patients with breathing difficulties. These difficulties can be due to chronic conditions like asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). October is also Healthy Lung..
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 23, 2019
How Healthcare Professionals Can Prepare for Flu Season
The last few months of the year mark some beautiful changes in season and bring on the holidays. However, they also mark an increase in cases of the flu. It is possible to get the flu year-round, but staying indoors, and being in closer proximity to other people make it prime flu season.
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 17, 2019
The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Travel Nursing Recruiter
What to Ask Your Travel Nursing Recruiter When you’re first starting out, you may have a lot of questions about travel nursing in general and why you should consider it as a career. A recruiter works with many nurses like you on a daily basis and can help guide you through the process. It’s also important to figure out what your wants and needs are so that you can ask the right questions throughout the process. This will help your recruiter evaluate your situation and give you the best options..
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 9, 2019
Celebrate National Physical Therapy Month This October
It’s hard to believe fall is already here again, 2019 has flown by. With October, comes cooler weather, colorful leaves and National Physical Therapy Month. The first national recognition of physical therapists was celebrated in June of 1981 and was only a week long. Now that we have a whole month of appreciation, we focus this time on the benefits of physical therapy and all the professionals that help patients get stronger with every step.
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 3, 2019
Physical Therapy (PT) Compact Update
2019 marks some exciting developments for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants! The Physical Therapy Compact (PT Compact) is further expanding to include new states. It allows PTs and PTAs to work in member states without going through the usual process for licensure outside their home state. Since its official enactment in 2017, the Compact has continued to improve and expand across the country growing from the initial 10 states to 60% of the country taking steps to become..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 23, 2019
Understanding Travel Nursing Pay
Understanding how travel nurses are compensated can be confusing. There’s a lot of information out there about taxes, stipends, and hourly rates; enough to make your head spin. To help you get started, we’ve broken down some of the common factors that may impact a travel nurse’s pay and organization tips for managing your taxes as a traveler. Keep in mind, there are many variables that impact each traveler and each assignment, so when it comes to the specifics, you will need to evaluate your..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 19, 2019
How to Get Started Travel Nursing in California
Home to the world’s 5th largest economy, the unique Yosemite National Park and roughly 40 million people, California has a lot to offer. It’s time to become a working tourist and what better place to travel than the Golden State. As with any new assignment, it’s important to do your research and make the best decision based on your personal requirements. Typically, California has a high demand for travel nurses but it also has a longer licensing process than most states. Before you pack your..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 13, 2019
Travel Nursing Advice from Seasoned Travelers
Constantly changing your surroundings and living on the road can be challenging, but there are plenty of benefits to choosing a travel nursing lifestyle. Take it from your fellow travel nurses! We spoke with some of our seasoned travelers at Supplemental Health Care about what it takes to be a successful travel nurse and the advice they wish they had while starting out on their travel careers.
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 5, 2019
How To Become a Travel Nurse
Travel nursing is an exciting career that can provide a wealth of adventures. It’s a great way to tour around the country while getting paid and gaining work experience. Typically, these are contract assignments spanning 13 weeks, but they can be longer or shorter depending on the need. There are, however, a few requirements that must be completed before you can dive in. If you’ve successfully completed a program to become a nurse, are licensed, and have approximately two years of experience in..
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 30, 2019
Working Tourist: Lucking Out with Travel Nursing
Ellen loves her career as a travel labor and delivery nurse. “It has just been a huge blessing to my life,” she says. “I love working with my recruiter, she is an amazing person!” It’s not only filled her passion for nursing and travel but has also allowed her to become nearly debt free. There’s obviously a lot of hard work that goes into her planning, traveling, and working as a labor and delivery RN, but Ellen counts herself lucky for how it’s all unfolded so far.
By Katie Dashiell Aug 20, 2019
What to Look for in Your First Job as a New Grad
Landing your first job as a recent graduate is a big step in the professional world. It’s not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be done alone. Staffing agencies provide a wealth of resources to ensure that therapy and allied healthcare new grads can successfully find a fulfilling career. There are several factors to consider and steps to take to assure that your career path begins in the right direction.
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 16, 2019
Housing Options for Travel Clinicians
It’s time to plan your next assignment around a new city with different restaurants, activities, and places to explore. Now, you’ll need a comfortable living space, a home away from home while you have your adventures. This can be daunting when you don’t know the area and if you aren’t sure how to get started. Depending on your location, be it in a big city or rural town, there are several ways to approach finding the perfect refuge. Don’t worry - there are many different housing options for..
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 9, 2019
Celebrating World Class Service from SHC!
We are proud to announce that SHC closed its fiscal year 2019 with its highest talent satisfaction ratings yet.  In Q4 of fiscal 2019, the company’s Net Promoter Score elevated it to World Class service status.  As a point of comparison, SHC’s satisfaction rating of 71.4% was significantly higher than the Healthcare Staffing Industry NPS average of 19%.
By Corey Wagner Aug 6, 2019
Care More Spotlight: Living His Dream
For the past seven years, James Conner, a licensed vocational nurse, has been following his dreams of being a care provider. In the years he has been employed as an LVN, James has worked in a multitude of care settings, including long term care, long term acute care, psychiatric hospitals, emergency rooms, and on medical surgical units.
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 31, 2019
Why You Should Consider Travel Nursing Now
With two or more years of nursing experience under you belt, you might be ready to consider the leap into travel nursing. Now is a great time to start your career as a traveler! As you begin your research, make sure to keep in mind what you hope to get out of travel nursing and what is important to you. While you evaluate all the pros and cons, consider these benefits that make work as a travel nurse unique.
By Katie Dashiell Jul 25, 2019
How the eNLC Benefits Travel Nursing
A Little History Along with a name change, the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) has gone through positive changes since its enactment nearly two decades ago. It has recently evolved into the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC). The new arrangement has elevated the standards for licensure, requiring state and federal background checks along with 10 other provisions. Additionally, due to the streamlined license obtention process, travel nurses have been able to receive their licenses more easily.
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 18, 2019
Working As a School Healthcare Professional
Working as a healthcare professional in any field is demanding. Sometimes you just need an escape, preferably on a beach, laying in a hammock. A school setting allows nurses and therapists to have their summers free to relax and unwind, or to pick up an interesting travel assignment and become a Working Tourist. With fall already right around the corner, plan your next assignment in a school so you can plan your next holiday vacation too! There are plenty of job opportunities in school..
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 11, 2019
Care More Spotlight: A Long and Winding Road
As is so often the case, the road to becoming a nurse often takes a lot of twists and turns, but the end always seems to be predestined. For Arlene Higgins, her journey was longer than most but her experiences along the way contributed to her being the amazing nurse that she is today. Right out of high school, Arlene became a nurse’s aide and was then certified as a medication aide, passing medicine in a long term care facility. She then began working in a hospital, transporting patients to the..
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 2, 2019
Travel to the Desert Oasis of Tucson
For a "Show-Me" state girl like myself, the drive out to my travel assignment in Tucson, AZ was one that required a great deal of planning and patience. Plotted out over three days, I made sure to incorporate as many obscure oddities and road side attractions as I could possibly pack into an already cramped silver sedan. With the assistance of a very clutch app by the name of Roadtrippers, I was able to flawlessly plot out the basic necessities like gas stations, pet-friendly hotels (for my..
By Rachel Jones, Travel RN Jun 25, 2019
Working Tourist: A Humanitarian Nurse's Story
Linda Gaye has been a travel RN for two years off and on; currently working as a float nurse in North Dakota. Unlike other travelers we spotlight on Working Tourist, Linda’s nursing work doesn’t stop when she’s off the clock. Volunteering as a nurse on medical missions is Linda’s true passion. Her travel nursing work allows her to fund her international trips and gives her the flexible schedule to make the time to go between assignments.
By Katie Dashiell Jun 20, 2019
My SHC Story: Working for a Company that Cares
I’ve been with Supplemental Health Care since March of 2017. After leaving behind a decade long career in customer service, I was nervous that I would regret my decision to transition into healthcare staffing. But I was burned out from my previous work environments and in search of something meaningful. I was hoping I would find that at SHC.
By Jess Carter Jun 13, 2019
Care More Spotlight: A Daisy Award Winner
Sarah Bird has been a Registered Nurse for the past 16 years, having worked in different settings across the spectrum of care. When asked recently about why she chose healthcare as a profession, she jokingly responded, “because everyone was doing it!” Then, in seriousness, she replied, “I wanted to help people and provide them with some comfort during a difficult situation.”
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 5, 2019
Tips for Travel Assignments Together
As a travel nurse, what would be better than finding the perfect assignment in a city you have always wanted to visit? How about, taking on that same assignment with your best friend or spouse! Today, many travelers are looking for assignments in pairs. While traveling with your friend or spouse has its benefits, there are also some things that you should be aware of before you start the search. Let’s look at five tips for taking travel assignments with a friend.
By Supplemental Health Care May 30, 2019
Expressing Yourself with Speech-Language Pathology
Blair Armstrong thought she had an idea of what she wanted to do when she started college. “I originally thought I would go into nursing and just happened to take a class called Language of the Mind. That class was what really got me thinking that it was what I wanted to do.” Once she graduated with her degree, she started looking for a job in the field of speech-language pathology.
By Katie Dashiell May 21, 2019
My SHC Story: Finding My Voice
I’m from a small town in Alabama. The kind of small town that when people ask you where it is, you try to reference larger towns nearby but no one has heard of those places either. It still takes three dirt roads to get to my childhood home, and the cable company just laughs at you when you ask when high speed internet is coming.
By Alex Acton May 16, 2019
National Nurses Week Deals 2019
Ever since 1993, the American Nurses Association has promoted May 6th through May 12th as a nationwide celebration of America’s 4 million registered nurses. National Nurses Week is a time for all of us – individuals, employers, healthcare professionals, and community leaders to take time and recognize the compassion, professionalism, skill, and positive impact that nurses have on our lives.
By Supplemental Health Care May 6, 2019
Highlighting Better Hearing and Speech Month 2019
Beginning in 1927, the month of May has been promoted as Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM), by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Each year, ASHA aims to raise awareness about different hearing and speech problems encouraging individuals to take actions if a problem exists. This year’s campaign is "Communication Across the Lifespan," highlighting the important role communication plays at every stage of one’s life. Better Hearing and Speech Month is also an opportunity..
By Supplemental Health Care May 1, 2019
Top Five Benefits for Nurses Working the Night Shift
With competition for nurses to fill open positions at higher levels than in recent memory, people might question why a night shift nurse doesn’t switch to a daytime position. Would it surprise you to hear that working the night shift can be awesome? Once you figure out the best sleep schedule for your body, working the night shift has a lot of benefits. Let’s take a look at the top five benefits for nurses who work the night shift.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 30, 2019
Care More Spotlight: The Carolina Care Champion
If you were ever to ask Luxley Daniels, RN why he chose a career in healthcare, he would probably tell you that it’s the family business. Luxley, an RN since 2003, joins an uncle, his aunts, and his sisters who have all chosen a career in healthcare. Caring for others is in his DNA!
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 25, 2019
Celebrate Earth Day in Your Workplace
As a healthcare professional, there are no shortages of health-related observances. One of the most important observance day for all of us, not only healthcare professionals, is Earth Day! While we are busy saving lives, we should also be prepared to do our part to save the planet! In case you weren’t aware, the 46th annual Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd, and we wanted to share a few tips that will go a long way toward reducing our carbon footprint and help us develop “greener” habits.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 22, 2019
My SHC Story: Inspired by Occupational Therapy
I’ve been the caregiver of my Abuelo (grandfather) for the past five years, and 2018 was by far the toughest for us. Caring for a 95-year-old man that escaped a concentration camp run by the Castro regime and fled Cuba has been an interesting experience to say the least. He has been independent and stubborn all his life and still insists on using climbing ladders to change light bulbs and working on projects around the house. Some have joked that he is invincible, which is kind of true when we..
By Corey Wagner Apr 18, 2019
Five Perfect Spring Travel Assignment Destinations
For people living across much of the United States, now that April has arrived we can finally start to thaw out and think about the nicer weather ahead.  Spring is not only a time of renewal and rejuvenation, but it is also a great time for a travel assignment.  Let’s look at some of the best spring travel assignment destinations so you can start packing your bags and head out onto the road.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 16, 2019
Working Tourist: Exploring Your Options Through Travel
Lauren Brennan, MOT OTR/L, has been an occupational therapist for three years this July and has been traveling as an OT for about half as long. She is currently in Denver on her fifth travel assignment. She started in outpatient pediatrics in St. Louis, MO, and has since worked in multiple settings and traveled to four different states with no intention of stopping anytime soon.
By Carrie Hannah Apr 9, 2019
Content Adams Recognized for Excellence in Health Care
Each spring, Buffalo Business First newspaper hosts an Excellence in Health Care Awards event to recognize individuals in Western New York whose work has improved the local health care system in hospitals, labs, clinics, nonprofits, and health facilities. Supplemental Health Care is proud to announce that Content Adams, RN School Supervisor for Buffalo Public Schools was recognized at this year’s event on March 28th, at the Buffalo Hyatt Regency.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 4, 2019
Occupational Therapy: "Living Life To Its Fullest"
Since 1980, the month of April has been designated as Occupational Therapy Month to coincide with the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Annual Conference and Expo. Those who have chosen occupational therapy as their career are performing a vitally important role in the lives of their patients by helping them maximize their abilities in the performance of everyday activities. Occupational therapists utilize a holistic approach in evaluating the skills and capabilities of..
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 2, 2019
Care More Moment: Marissa Southards
Our new Care More Moments recognition program is focused on telling the Supplemental Health Care story through moments that truly embody our Worry Less, Care More values. We know there are so many great stories from our day-to-day interactions with healthcare professionals, clinicians, managers, and peers, along with the amazing ways our employees give back to their communities, and we want to share them with you. We have monthly award winners based on employee nominations, and a quarterly..
By Corey Wagner Mar 28, 2019
8 Advantages of Working in Home Health Care
In the past, healthcare was administered in a limited number of settings. Care was provided in a hospital,  clinic, or doctor’s office. That may have been the case years ago, but today, clinical settings can also include minute clinics and even the patient’s home. Nursing and therapy healthcare professionals have more career choices than ever. As with any profession, there are pros and cons no matter where you work, but if you are looking for a change, it is time to consider home health care...
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 26, 2019
Working Tourist: Hiking into a New Home
Lizzie Murphy has been a travel Med Surg RN for three and half years now. She always knew she wanted to go into healthcare since both of her parents are physicians. Initially, nursing was something she could see as a career for herself because of the quality of life and schedule. Traveling for work was an added bonus.
By Katie Dashiell Mar 21, 2019
Five Spring Cleaning Tips for Travelers
Depending on what part of the country you are living in, Daylight Savings Time usually means that spring is just around the corner. Spring is a time of renewal and reminds us of the freshness and beauty of Mother Nature as she awakens from the winter slumber. Spring is also the season where busy homeowners all across the country find time to clean up around the house, organize the garage, and get ready for the warmer months ahead. It should also be a time for a little spring cleaning on your..
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 19, 2019
Care More Spotlight: Speech-Language Pathology, A Family Affair
By the time he was in high school, Brandon Buckendorf, SLP-CCC was already helping his father at his private speech therapy practice. Like many children, he dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps and build a career helping others to speak and communicate. Dr. Bob Buckendorf had carved out a very successful career in both private practice and later as the Director of Speech Pathology at Oregon Health & Sciences University.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 14, 2019
Five Reasons to Visit The "Show-Me" State
Home to large urban centers, namely St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri is a state filled with lush forested mountains, lakes, flatlands, and rivers. No matter what your passion is, from museums to hiking, or live music shows to barbecue, Missouri is where you can find it. Here are five reasons why you should plan your next travel assignment in The "Show-Me" State.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 12, 2019
Patient Safety Awareness Week 2019
Annually, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) sponsors a weeklong event during the second full week of March to raise awareness around patient safety issues. Known as National Patient Safety Awareness Week (PSAW), the effort is designed to educate and engage healthcare professionals and the public-at-large through online web events, social media, local educational events, and posted materials. This year’s PSAW theme is “Bringing the Care Continuum Together.”
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 7, 2019
March is National Social Work Month
Across the United States, in schools, hospitals, and mental health clinics, there are an estimated 682,000 active social workers working. These selfless individuals often work behind the scenes to empower and advocate for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Since the 1960s, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) has designated March as National Social Work Month as an avenue to recognize and pay tribute to social workers in the US.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 5, 2019
Working Tourist: Discover Yourself Through Traveling
Rachel Jones has always been the caregiver type, so her decision to go into nursing felt like a natural progression to her. Rachel initially started out as a RN in rehab and psychiatric nursing, as she found acute settings more daunting. Taking it at her own pace, she now works as a traveler on medical surgical and telemetry assignments. She shared some of her experiences with us and what she’s learned about travel nursing and herself along the way.
By Katie Dashiell Feb 28, 2019
Supplemental Health Care Best of Staffing® Winner Two Years Running
For the second year in a row, Supplemental Health Care (SHC) has been recognized by ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards for providing superior service to their clients and for placed talent satisfaction. In partnership with CareerBuilder, ClearlyRated identifies proven staffing industry providers that are superior in service and quality as rated by the clients they serve, and the staff that they have placed throughout the year. This prestigious recognition highlights why..
By Corey Wagner Feb 26, 2019
Plan a Winter Wonderland Assignment in New Hampshire
If you have not yet experienced a winter assignment in the Northeast, now is the perfect time to plan your getaway to New Hampshire. Especially now that New Hampshire is part of the PT Compact, there are opportunities galore for physical therapists in this winter wonderland as well as other healthcare professionals. Let’s take a look at why New Hampshire is the perfect spot for a winter assignment.
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 21, 2019
Six Benefits of In-Home Physical Therapy
One aspect of home health care that is growing without a lot of fanfare is home-based physical therapy. Like typical home health care services that support the elderly living independently longer, home-based PT is making it easier for therapy patients to receive their treatments. While there are drawbacks for in-home treatments, such as higher costs due to provider travel time and other reimbursements, many patients find that the benefits of in-home physical therapy outweigh any additional..
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 19, 2019
Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day
As a busy healthcare professional, most if not all of your energy is tied up in caring for others. Whether it is your patients at work or your family at home, your needs are usually the last priority most days. This year, use Valentine’s Day as a reminder to care for yourself. It doesn’t have to be on February 14th, as long as you take the time to treat yourself. Here are a few ways you can give yourself some “me time” as a reward for everything you do for others.
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 14, 2019
The Benefits of Earning a BSN
In 2010, the Institute of Medicine raised eyebrows in the nursing community by recommending that 80% of the nursing workforce have a baccalaureate degree (BSN) by the year 2020. Back then, only half of Registered Nurses had their BSN, but over the past nine years, the number of nurses with an advanced degree has risen to an estimated 55 - 60%. Some nurses may have balked at the time and effort required to complete the necessary education to achieve a BSN degree initially, but ongoing studies..
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 12, 2019
Supplemental Health Care Wins Clearlyrated’s 2019 Best of Staffing®  Client and Talent Awards
PARK CITY, UTAH – February 7, 2019 – Supplemental Health Care, a leading employment agency in the healthcare industry announced today that they have won ClearlyRated's Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards  for providing superior service to their clients and placed talent. Presented in partnership with CareerBuilder, ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing winners have proven to be industry leaders in service quality based entirely on ratings by their clients and the candidates they’ve helped find..
By Corey Wagner Feb 7, 2019
Care More Spotlight: Providing the Best Quality of Care
At a young age, Myra Reid-Baker witnessed first-hand the incredible impact a healthcare professional can have on a family. She watched as several family members received medical care in a variety of settings and her interest was piqued for life. While Myra was in high school, she prepared for her healthcare career by taking as many “Health Care Occupation” courses as she could, and within two years of her graduation, she entered the nursing workforce as a Nursing Assistant.
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 5, 2019
Working Tourist: From School Bus to Home
With a career traveling around as a home care physical therapist and actor, Ryan King wanted his home base to fit his adventurous lifestyle. Ryan had imagined building a tiny home for himself one day and he finally made his dream a reality last year. Although it wasn’t an easy journey, Ryan was able to convert a school bus into a portable home he can now travel with across the country.
By Katie Dashiell Jan 31, 2019
Healthcare Staffing Trends to Watch in 2019
The healthcare staffing industry is as chaotic and competitive as ever, and 2019 is shaping up to be no different. Healthcare providers are seeking answers to address the growing physician shortage, regulatory upheaval, technology challenges, and tight nurse staffing levels. Let’s take a look at some of the issues that will be driving the healthcare staffing discussion throughout the remainder of the year.
By Donna Carroll Jan 29, 2019
Hit the Road with the PT Compact
The PT Compact Progress So Far 2018 was an exciting year for the PT Compact. In January of last year, 15 states had introduced or passed legislation to join the PT Compact with another seven to follow throughout the year, bringing the total to 22 states electing to join the PT Compact by December. In July, the first three states, Missouri, North Dakota and Tennessee, began issuing compact privileges with the very first compact privilege purchased that same day. Oregon and Mississippi quickly..
By Carrie Hannah Jan 24, 2019
How to Feel Less SAD During the Winter Months
As we continue through the winter months, it’s a good time to check in and find out if you are feeling SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, impacts millions of people during the winter months. As the days shorten, many individuals suffer from feelings of depression and lethargy. As a busy healthcare professional who may be working 12-hour shifts, finding the time to get out into the little bit of sunshine available proves to be a challenging task. If you find yourself feeling..
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 22, 2019
Care More Spotlight: Born to Care More
Whenever you see someone who is amazing at their job, it is natural to think that the person was born to do it.  There is no finer example of that sentiment than when you see Nikki Cavers, LPN, in action.  From her earliest memories, Nikki knew that she would be a nurse.  Doing everything she can to help others is a natural inclination for her.  Now, having been an LPN for 13 years, she has worked across the spectrum of settings, in Pediatrics, Geriatrics, hospitals, a Doctor’s office, and even..
By Corey Wagner Jan 16, 2019
Giving Back During the Holidays
While the holiday season is a joyful time filled with family gatherings and celebrations, it is also a time of year that provides us with an opportunity to give back. Across the country, our local offices have been spreading holiday cheer, serving the communities in which they live, and truly showcasing our Care More philosophy.
By Corey Wagner Jan 15, 2019
Boost Your Career with Per Diem
If one of your 2019 New Year’s resolutions is to give your career a boost, something every healthcare professional should consider is taking on a per diem assignment. From hospitals to minute clinics, to community health centers, there are opportunities across the board. Here are several reasons why it’s a good idea to boost your career with per diem.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 10, 2019
Care More Spotlight: Just Doing Her Job
Like many people fresh out of high school, Kym Cochran wasn’t sure about what she wanted to do for a career, but she felt the need to serve her country, so she enlisted in the Army. She was serving as an All-Wheel Mechanic while a friend of hers who enlisted on the same day as her, joined as a medic. One day, he was showing Kym all of the materials in his aid bag, and it struck a chord with her. She began to do some research about combat medic duties and eventually reclassified as a Health Care..
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 8, 2019
New Year’s Resolutions for Your Career
Here we are again with a fresh start to another year! If you are like most, you have been thinking about resolutions that can make a difference in your personal or professional life. It is important to set goals, no matter what time of year it is, and having something to aim for is the perfect way to keep yourself focused. As a busy healthcare professional, here are a few ideas for resolutions to give your career a jump start into 2019.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 3, 2019
Physical Therapist Spotlight: A Lifelong Calling
The first time Rebecca Fields thought about healthcare as a profession she was 12 years old, “I had injured myself and I did my own wound care and scar massage.” She said, “The doctor asked me how I knew to do that, and I said I don’t know, it just made sense.” Admittedly though, she wasn’t set on Physical Therapy from the beginning. After passing the MCAT, she was accepted to a small university that required a 10 year rural medicine program. She recalled, “I decided I didn’t want to go that..
By Carrie Hannah Dec 27, 2018
A Message from Lesa Francis
It’s hard to believe another year has flown by, but here we are, in the midst of another bustling holiday season and preparing to ring in a brand-new year. As fun and exciting as it is to get “wrapped up” in the festivities, I think it’s also important to look back and see how much we’ve accomplished.
By Lesa Francis Dec 20, 2018
New Bedside Technologies for Healthcare Professionals
It seems like almost every time we check out the news, we are hearing about a new medical technology that is making its way into healthcare. As we look towards the new year, here are some new technologies that nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals may soon be utilizing in 2019.
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 18, 2018
Care More Spotlight: Living to Serve
Registered Nurse Dian Hofmeister knew from an early age that she would live a life of service. In high school, she was drawn to the field of healthcare and spent time working as a Certified Nurse Assistant. Later, after serving our country in the Marine Corps, Dian had a second career as a Paramedic. It was then that she realized it was time to get back to nursing.
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 13, 2018
Experience the Big Apple by Visiting All Five Boroughs
When people think of New York City, the first thing that comes to mind are the tall skyscrapers, the bright lights of Time Square, and people: lots and lots of people. In reality, the Big Apple that most of us think of is only a small portion of  New York City and only one of the five boroughs that make up the city. With so much to do and see, here is a breakdown of what makes each borough worth your time to explore more.
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 11, 2018
Care More Spotlight: Andrea Decuir, LPN
A school district typically has hundreds, if not thousands of employees working for them throughout the school year.  To be named ‘Employee of the Year’ for a school district is quite the accomplishment.  That is the honor that was bestowed on Andrea Decuir, LPN from the Mehlville School District near St. Louis. To make the honor even more significant, Andrea is technically an employee of Supplemental Health Care working out of the St. Louis office and is on assignment at the school district as..
By Corey Wagner Dec 11, 2018
Consider Agency to Give Your Career a Boost
In today’s job market, nurses, therapists and other healthcare professionals should have no trouble finding work. With the new year just around the corner, you may be thinking it’s time to see what opportunities are out there that can help you take the next step in your career. You will polish up your resume, search a few job boards online, then sit back and see what happens. Since you have chosen a career that is in high-demand, flying solo just might work for you. If you are considering..
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 7, 2018
Avoiding the Holiday Blues While on Assignment
Don’t look now, but seemingly out of nowhere the holiday season is in full swing! Most of us are dragging holiday decorations out of the basement, stringing lights up around the porch and windows, and maybe even inflating giant snowmen in the front yard.  If you happen to be away from home on a travel assignment, you are probably feeling a sense of relief but maybe some sadness at the same time. On one hand, you aren’t struggling to find the one light in the string that won’t go on, but on the..
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 4, 2018
Top Ten Things to Know About Home Health Care
As demand for home healthcare professionals increases, more and more nurses and therapists are considering it as a specialty. Like all specialties, providing home health care isn’t for everyone. Let’s look at the top ten things you should know about home health care before taking the leap.
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 29, 2018
Working Tourist: Have Camera, Will Travel
Toni Boykin has been an LPN for eighteen years. As one can imagine, she has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including Home Health, Hospice, Pediatrics, Addiction Rehabilitation, and Case Management. She had always wanted to travel, but at the time, there were not any opportunities for LPNs to travel, so she went on with her career and kept her desires for travel on the back burner.
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 27, 2018
The Season for Giving Thanks
Last year, when I penned my first blog post for Supplemental Health Care, I was fairly new to the organization, but I had a strong sense that I had joined a very special team. Throughout this past year, I have learned so much more about the amazing men and women who work for SHC, that I am compelled to give thanks every day for the work we are doing. And what better time to write about that than in this season of giving thanks.
By Mary B. Lucas Nov 20, 2018
Supplemental Health Care President and CEO Named to Global Power 150 List
PARK CITY, UTAH (November 15, 2018) – Supplemental Health Care, a leading Healthcare Staffing Agency, announced today that Lesa Francis, President and CEO, has been named to the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing list for 2018.
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 16, 2018
Sharing Recipes for the Holidays
Now that the holidays are upon us, there are sure to be many family gatherings and celebrations over food. We asked our Supplemental Health Care family to share their favorite recipes, so you can add a few new favorites to your mix. Whether you're away on assignment for the holidays and need something easy or you're planning a large dinner with friends this season, there’s something for everyone. We hope you enjoy!  
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 15, 2018
A Veteran's Continued Service
Joe Hurley, a Travel Nursing Division Manager at Supplemental Health Care, has spent much of his adult life serving in the United States Army. He always thought that he would retire from a twenty-year career in the Army, but as is often the case, life intervened, and he left active duty service to take care of his three children. In his last few years of service, Joe had been a successful recruiter, and upon joining Supplemental Health Care’s Travel Nursing recruiting division, he felt like he..
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 13, 2018
Working Tourist: Chasing the Northern Lights
   Haley Whisenhunt has always had a little bit of wanderlust. She enjoyed traveling and trying new things, but her career as an ER nurse kept her too busy to get out on the open road. Then she discovered travel nursing! “I found that travel nursing was a great fit for me,” she explains. “How else could I work a job that I love AND travel and explore new places?”
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 8, 2018
Care More Spotlight: Caring More to Make a Difference
As a mother of seven children, Judy Poppe was probably qualified to be a registered nurse without ever having to step foot into a classroom. But, after her 7th child was heading off to college, that is exactly what Judy did. She went back to school to chase her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse.
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 6, 2018
Working Tourist: Deciding to Try Home Health Care
Since 1983, November is recognized as Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, a type of dementia that is the sixth leading cause of death in America and is afflicting over five million individuals. Because Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disorder, in the early stages, family members and other care providers are able to provide enough support to allow the individual to maintain their independence until the challenges become too great. This working tourist profile highlights the career choices of someone who..
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 1, 2018
The Traveler: A Halloween Story
“It’s unusually quiet so far tonight,” Janice claimed as she glanced up and down the empty hall in the Surgical Recovery Unit. “I spoke to Emma down in the ER, and she said it’s dead down there too!”
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 30, 2018
How Home-Based Healthcare Helps the Elderly
Every month there are a number of health-related observances that are meant to raise awareness about specific issues or diseases. In November, there are several that can be considered age-related. These include Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, Home Care and Hospice Month, Family Caregivers Month, and a chronic disease that strikes all age ranges, American Diabetes Month. With nearly 80 million people in the U.S. of the baby boomer generation (born between 1946 and 1964), providing health..
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 25, 2018
How To Get Your PT Compact Privileges
How To Get Your PT Compact Privileges
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 23, 2018
There is More to Baltimore Than Amazing Crab Cakes
For seafood lovers, a trip to Baltimore to enjoy world-famous crab cakes and other culinary delights from the sea is well worth the trip. But if that is your only reason for going, you will be missing out on a city steeped in history and mystery! There are currently plenty of healthcare opportunities in the Baltimore area, so we thought it would be the perfect time to fill you in on why you should pack your bags for an assignment in Baltimore.
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 19, 2018
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Throughout October you may see the color pink everywhere you turn, on shirts, hats, ribbons, pins, and even on NFL player uniforms. Since 1985, the month of October has universally been known as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), and in 1991, the Susan G. Komen Foundation handed out pink ribbons to participants in a commemorative 5k race for breast cancer survivors. Since then, the color pink has become synonymous with breast cancer awareness. Each year in the United States, more..
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 16, 2018
Make Time for PT Day of Service
As a healthcare professional, service to others is something that is simply in your DNA. If you are like most Physical Therapists, it doesn’t feel like you chose PT as a career but instead feel like you were called to the profession. On October 13th, PTs around the world are asking you to go a step further in service to your community. Known as PT Day of Service, this global movement with volunteers from at least 55 countries are pledging to participate in activities in their community to help..
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 11, 2018
Physical Therapist Spotlight: Soaring Above It All
With a career that centers around movement, Vanessa Bishline is rarely at rest. When she isn’t caring for her physical therapy patients, she is training as an aerial artist, walking, doing yoga, or practicing to become a Pilates teacher. Vanessa has been a Physical Therapist for 12 years, and that expertise is never far from her train of thought.
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 9, 2018
How to Get Your BSN While Still Working
With the healthcare industry booming, are you worried that recent nursing grads are leaving you behind? Did the Institute of Medicine’s call for 80% of nurses to have a BSN by the year 2020 motivate you to consider going back to school? Since 2002, the percentage of nurses graduating with a BSN has increased from 45% to almost 59% today, and more importantly, healthcare organizations are increasingly requiring a BSN for job vacancies. For nurses who have yet to earn a BSN, there is often..
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 4, 2018
October is National Physical Therapy Month
Annually, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) promotes the month of October as National Physical Therapy Month. Pre-planned events are not only to recognize the more than 240,000 Physical Therapists and 140,000 PT Assistants and Aides, but also to raise critical awareness about the many ways that physical therapy can help us all achieve better health and wellness.
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 2, 2018
Working Tourist: Breathing New Life into a Career
As is so often the case with healthcare professionals, life experiences play a role in the decision to pursue a career in medicine. For Alisha Ross, that was the case as both of her grandfathers lost their lives to lung-related diseases. While trying to decide which area of healthcare she wanted to focus on, Alisha had a conversation with the instructor for Respiratory Care, and it reminded her of the treatments her grandfathers received from Respiratory Therapists. Whether it was setting up..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 27, 2018
6 Tips for a Successful Recruiter-Clinician Relationship
Healthcare professionals who have spent any time at all on working with a staffing agency will tell you that one of the keys to their success is having a good recruiter. As you can find in any walk of life, some people are better at their job than others, and recruiters are no different. That said, the process of establishing a relationship with a good recruiter should not fall solely on the shoulders of the recruiter. Clinicians play as much of a role in recruiting success as the recruiter..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 25, 2018
How You Can Help Disaster Relief Efforts
You chose nursing as a career most likely because of your innate desire to provide care to people in need. At no time is that caring and compassion more in need than during the response to a natural disaster. By now, we have all seen the devastating impact of Hurricane Florence throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. If that isn’t scary enough, it appears that two more storms are brewing in the Atlantic Ocean. Disaster responders are still dealing with the flooding, but in short order, there..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 20, 2018
A Day in the Life of a Travel Nursing Recruiter
While every travel nurse recruiter sets out to accomplish certain things each day, it is a rare occurrence when they go according to plan. With the job market for nurses and other healthcare professionals being so competitive, the successful recruiters are those who can adjust on the fly and stay as organized as possible. One such successful recruiter is Supplemental Health Care’s, Christina Leigh Jacobs. Christina has a strong customer service-oriented background which serves her extremely..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 13, 2018
Buffalo Public Schools Are in Session With New Nurse Staffing Partner
Each year around this time, school districts around the country are experiencing the hustle and bustle of a new school year. In past years, Buffalo Public Schools (BPS), a school district operating over 70 public schools, had a vision of a ‘Whole Child’ Comprehensive Nursing Program meeting the healthcare and educational needs of its more than 35,000 students. The launch for this component of the New Education Bargain Agreement is taking place for the 2018 – 2019 school year. BPS chose an..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 13, 2018
Top Reasons to Choose a Career in Home Health Care
When beginning your nursing career, if you were like many, you imagined working at a hospital, a clinic, or in a doctor’s office. That may have been the case years ago, but today, the variety of clinical settings has expanded, and nurses have more choices than ever. One of those choices that every nurse should be considering if they feel the need to make a change is Home Health Care. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing careers in Home Health are projected to grow at a rate of..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 11, 2018
Don’t Miss Out On The Buckeye State
When healthcare professionals decide it is time to check out travel assignments, they often have locations like California, Florida, Hawaii, and other touristy destinations in mind. While assignments in any of those locations are fine, when your focus is narrow, you might miss out on discovering other great states, like Ohio. Known as a Midwestern state, Ohio is home to several large metropolitan cities, world-renowned colleges and universities, and dozens of major U.S. corporations. Let’s take..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 6, 2018
Healthy Aging: Having Control Over Your Healthcare Options
Healthy Aging: Having Control Over Your Healthcare Options
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 5, 2018
The Pros and Cons of Wearing Scrubs
There is no single “uniform” that immediately lets an observer know what you do for a living than a pair of medical scrubs. Since the 1970’s, healthcare professionals have traded in the traditional, bright white medical uniforms for a comfortable pair of scrubs. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a nurse wearing the traditional white uniform and accompanying nurse’s cap, as worn by Florence Nightingale? Here is a quick take on the pros and cons of wearing scrubs.
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 30, 2018
Back to School: Student Care is Much More Than Work
Backpacks are filled, bus and class schedules are mailed, and students across the country are beginning to feel the tingle of anticipation for the start of a new school year. Outside of the home, school represents the most influential aspect of a child’s life, and for millions of students, the school nurse and therapy service providers are their key point of contact. School nurses, occupational and speech therapists all play a major role in supporting students with needs, acclimate and thrive..
By Keiley Giboney Aug 28, 2018
Why You Should Attend TravCon 2018
The Travelers Conference, also known as TravCon, is the only conference of its kind: “for, about and by healthcare travelers,” according to their official website. Meeting in Las Vegas, NV on September 9-11, 2018, the conference includes educational sessions as well as networking opportunities and social events. The conference is open to nursing and therapy disciplines and has expanded to include more Allied healthcare professionals this year. Whether you’re a new or seasoned traveler, TravCon..
By Katie Dashiell Aug 23, 2018
How to Use Social Media to Choose the Right Healthcare Staffing Partner
In a 2017 study, CareerBuilder found that 70% of employers use social media to screen their candidates before making an offer. They also outline the importance of having a discoverable online presence in today’s job market. It’s important for an employer to learn more about you online, as part of the interview process, but it’s also necessary for you to do your own research on a potential employer as well. With unemployment for healthcare professionals at an all-time low, you have the..
By Carrie Hannah Aug 21, 2018
Working Tourist: When One Door Closes…
Successful people take advantage of opportunities in life. When faced with a challenge they dig deep and strive to overcome. In March 2014, Radiology Technician Barb Houston did exactly that! As is happening throughout the healthcare industry, her long-time employer went through a series of managerial changes and Barb found herself out of a job. Living in a small town, her options were limited, but the fact that her son was grown and on his own, Barb knew she could take her time to figure out..
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 16, 2018
Another Ebola Outbreak Puts New Vaccine to the Test
As recently as June 2018, the spring outbreak of the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was declared over, thanks to a new vaccine distributed and administered in May. Now, less than two months later, another Ebola outbreak has been declared on the other side of the country, in an active war zone.
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 14, 2018
It’s Time for National Immunization Awareness Month
Appropriately enough, the month of August is recognized as National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). As parents around the country are shopping for ‘Back to School’ supplies, lunch boxes, and the cutest new outfits, one thing that is often overlooked is making sure your child’s vaccination records are up to date. The National Public Health Information Coalition (NPHIC) produces a variety of resources that can be utilized by parents and caregivers throughout NIAM. NPHIC recognizes that..
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 9, 2018
Take Advantage of Buffalo, New York’s Revival
The city of Buffalo, New York has long been known more for its winter weather and status as a “rust belt’ city than anything else.  Located on Lake Erie, on the western end of New York State, Buffalo would not typically be included as a hot travel destination until now!  Not since people from around the world flocked to the “Queen City” for the Pan-American Exposition in 1901, has Buffalo, New York been lauded for its revitalization and excitement.  In addition to the burgeoning rebirth of the..
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 7, 2018
Is Medical Marijuana the Answer to the Opioid Crisis?
Recently, the President made it known that he was in favor of supporting congressional efforts to end the federal ban on marijuana. If this happens, we may finally begin to see large-scale studies on potential therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana. Most of us have heard reports that medical marijuana has helped cancer patients with the effects of chemotherapy, but far too little is known at this point. In fact, a research study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that barely..
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 2, 2018
The New Blood Pressure Guidelines and You
In the past, high blood pressure was defined as measuring 140 over 90 or higher for systolic/diastolic readings. Late in 2017, the American Heart Association adjusted guidelines for high blood pressure to 130 over 80 or higher. This was the first change in 14 years and is reflective of the complications and damage that can occur at even these lower numbers. Health risks for heart attack, stroke, and other serious consequences begin with readings anywhere above 120 mm Hg systolic pressure. Risks..
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 31, 2018
Working Tourist: Traveling as a Nurse and a Foodie
Ray Brillantes is coming up on his first full year as a travel nurse. He specializes in Behavioral Health / Psychiatric Nursing and decided to begin taking travel assignments as a means to meet different individuals in behavioral nursing and to learn more about his specialty.
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 26, 2018
Nursing Shortage Impact on the Healthcare Industry
It is no secret that we have a shortage of nurses in our country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the year 2024, the healthcare industry will be looking for 1.09 million new nurses. Up to 60% of those openings will be due to current nurse retirements and the other 40% due to increased demand. The real question is how the nursing shortage is impacting healthcare.
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 24, 2018
Successful School Healthcare Staffing Takes a Team Approach
This time of year, school districts around the country are working on finding the healthcare professionals to provide special education, therapy, mental health, and nursing care to the more than six million students who rely on it during the school year. There are misconceptions about working in the schools, but as you explore it as a career option, you will find that it is as challenging as it is rewarding. In fact, providing therapy service and care to students is more complex than ever, and..
By Keiley Giboney Jul 19, 2018
Working Tourist: Welcome to Alaska
Marianne TeBeau decided to take the plunge into travel nursing in November 2015. She had reached a point in her life where her kids had grown, and the timing seemed right for a change. Marianne specializes in Home Health Care and feels that each of her five assignments have all contributed to making her a better nurse.
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 17, 2018
Plan Your Travel Assignment in the Land of Enchantment
Part of the allure of working as a travel nurse or therapist is having the ability to travel to locations across the United States that you may not ever consider. New Mexico is unquestionably a state that is a hidden gem because it is not on the top of most traveler’s wish list. That fact alone is an unfortunate oversight. New Mexico is referred to as the Land of Enchantment for a reason, not only is the landscape breathtaking, the state is home to incredible Native American and Hispanic..
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 12, 2018
How To Keep Track of Your Nursing Credentials
The more experienced and varied your nursing career becomes, the harder it seems to be to keep track of all of your important licensing and credential documentation. And don’t even get me started on trying to keep track of expiration date! If you are like me, you’ve tried everything from 3-inch thick binders to cumbersome spreadsheets. Thankfully, mobile app developers have taken the initiative to create tools that make it easy to manage credentials, due dates, and other important records. Here..
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 11, 2018
Is It Time for Your Colon Cancer Screening?
In a change from past years, the American Cancer Society now recommends that people who are at average risk should begin getting screened for colorectal cancer starting at age 45. Today, colorectal cancer screening is done in one of two ways, either stool-based testing that tries to detect cancer in the stool or a visual examination of the colon and rectum.
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 10, 2018
It’s Time to Consider Travel as a Correctional Nurse
The chances are that if you have spent your career working in Trauma, Critical Care, Orthopedics, or another specialty, you have never given Correctional Nursing a second thought. For travel nurses, corrections is a wide-open opportunity with openings throughout the country. Here are a few reasons why it is time to consider a travel assignment behind bars.
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 5, 2018
Right to Try Legislation: What You Need to Know
On May 30th, the president signed a bill, commonly referred to as “Right to Try Legislation,” into law during a ceremony at the White House. Attendees of the signing event included several individuals who are afflicted with rare and life-threatening conditions. These individuals, their family members, and other supporters of Right to Try are encouraged that the law empowers them to try unproven medications that have not yet made it through the FDA authorization process. Instead, these..
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 3, 2018
Top Things to do in Arizona
The state of Arizona was an original nurse compact state making their adoption of the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact in January of this year more of a formality than a surprise. Have you ever taken a travel assignment in Arizona? If not, then it is time to tell your recruiter that you are ready to experience “The Grand Canyon State.” During your 13-weeks in Arizona, you will be struck by the natural beauty all around you. Here are five things you should plan on experiencing during your..
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 28, 2018
Cyber Safety In Hospitals
Annually, the month of June is recognized as National Safety Month encouraging people to focus on ways to reduce and prevent injuries in the workplace, while driving, at home, and in our communities. With safety in mind, it seems like a good time to focus on a different kind of safety that has already impacted millions. Cyber safety has been a topic in the news for a few years now, but what about our cybersecurity in hospitals and other medical care facilities?
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 27, 2018
Feeling At Home While on a Travel Assignment
In the past, traveling with a pet may have been viewed as a negative or too much of a challenge, but now that it is more commonplace, travel healthcare professionals are taking advantage of it.
By Stacey Clemons Jun 7, 2018
EAP: Helping You Get the Most Out of Your Travel Assignment
Just because you are away on a travel assignment that doesn’t mean your normal everyday challenges are left behind.  Sometimes, being away from home can make those challenges seem bigger. 
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 6, 2018
National Safety Month: No One Gets Hurt
The month of June is recognized as National Safety Month (NSM) and thousands of corporations across the country are participating in safety-related awareness events. This year’s theme is “No One Gets Hurt,” and that includes healthcare workers. 
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 5, 2018
Working Tourist: Making a Difference in a Short Time
Morgan Lapresi has been a travel Occupational Therapist for only four months, but she has already determined that she wants to be a traveler for as long as she can.  So far, she has had two assignments in Skilled Nursing Facilities and has made a great connection with her older patients.
By Supplemental Health Care May 31, 2018
Protect Your Skin This Summer!
May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and before you charge headfirst into summer, we felt it was time to share some information about how you can protect your skin from the sun.
By Supplemental Health Care May 30, 2018
Oklahoma is an eNLC State. Plan Your Travel Assignment Today!
In January, Oklahoma, a state that was not part of the original compact passed eNLC legislation and is now a compact state. 
By Supplemental Health Care May 29, 2018
Future Technologies in Speech-Language Pathology
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, speech-language pathology as a career is continuing to grow faster than the average through 2026.
By Supplemental Health Care May 24, 2018
Planning Your Assignment in Kentucky
One of the 25 original Nurse Licensure Compact states Kentucky is also participating in the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC). 
By Supplemental Health Care May 23, 2018
Speech Language Therapy Career Settings
Throughout May, Better Hearing & Speech Month, we are celebrating all of the therapy professionals who help their patients overcome and adapt to communication challenges.
By Supplemental Health Care May 22, 2018
Working Tourist: Always Finding a Way Back Home
Alexandra Lundy has been traveling as a Speech-Language Pathologist for three years now.  She decided to begin taking travel assignments because she has always enjoyed moving around and exploring new areas.  Her career as a “working tourist” has given her the opportunity to spend time in new cities, meet new people, and work in different school settings, and when the assignment is over, she loves being able to come back home and spend time with her family and friends for a while.
By Supplemental Health Care May 17, 2018
Physical Therapy Compact Licensure Update
As of May 2018, a total of 18 states have enacted the Physical Therapy Compact legislation.
By Supplemental Health Care May 16, 2018
Celebrating National Women’s Health Week May 13th - 19th
In addition to Sunday, May 13th being Mother’s Day this year, it also marked the beginning of National Women’s Health Week (NWHW).
By Supplemental Health Care May 15, 2018
Working Tourist: Experiencing "Firsts" Through Travel Nursing
After being a nursing professional for four years, Danielle Costello began feeling the need for a change.  She was entertaining thoughts of becoming a travel nurse but had also been accepted to grad school.  Finally, in January 2017, after speaking with several travelers that were working at the hospital where she was employed, Danielle decided to become a travel nurse.
By Supplemental Health Care May 10, 2018
The Latest Trends in Nursing Technology 2018
If you are like me, trying to make sense of the stock market is enough to have you ready for a straitjacket.  It is much easier to let your 401(k) do its thing and not think about it too often.
By Supplemental Health Care May 9, 2018
Celebrating Nurses - Nurses Week 2018
In 1954, the first National Nurse Week was observed from October 11 – 16 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s mission to Crimea.
By Supplemental Health Care May 8, 2018
Tips for Nurses Trying to Find Time for Fitness at Work
Healthcare workers constantly find themselves over-scheduled and over-extended leaving them little time for all important physical fitness activity. 
By Supplemental Health Care May 3, 2018
Wild and Wonderful West Virginia
In January of this year, enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact legislation was enacted to encourage more states to participate. 
By Supplemental Health Care May 2, 2018
Communication for All: Better Speech and Hearing Month 2018
Did you know that at some point in their lives, at least 20% of U.S. adults will encounter a significant problem with hearing, speech, language, balance, or even taste or smell?
By Supplemental Health Care May 1, 2018
2017-2018 School Year Wrap up
Amazingly enough, another school year is winding to a close.  School professionals are focused on executing final checklists in preparation for the end of the school year. 
By Keiley Giboney Apr 26, 2018
Make Your Next Stop Georgia
In January of this year, Georgia enacted the new enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact making it easier to take advantage of the many travel nursing opportunities throughout the “Peach State.”
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 25, 2018
The Latest Technologies Every OT Should Know About
Earlier this Occupational Therapy Month, we posted about a few trends that are changing the landscape of Occupational Therapy.  New technologies are always impacting healthcare and even helping to shape new trends and treatments.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 24, 2018
Travel Housing - The Extended Stay Gourmet
I sing the praises of the extended stay hotel all day, every day in my line of work. “It may not be your cheapest option but the benefits are hard to ignore” Extended Stay hotels offer the perfect opportunity for a traveling medical professional.
By Stacey Clemons Apr 19, 2018
Five Great Spring Travel Destinations
Like most of us from the Mississippi River region to the East Coast, you are probably saying, “Enough winter already!  Where is Spring?”  If that sounds like you then maybe it is time to head out on a spring travel assignment. 
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 18, 2018
Did You Know OTs Work in All These Settings?
If you are someone who thinks that Occupational Therapists only work in hospitals or a clinic, you may want to think again.  OTs have been educated in the basics of health and healing to include anatomy, psychology, neuroscience, and more.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 17, 2018
Benefits to Consider Prior to Taking Your Next Assignment
When nurses think of opportunities with staffing providers there are many things to consider beyond location, department, and shift.  Let’s take a look at key benefits to think about before you accept an assignment.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 12, 2018
Update: Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact News
Because of the importance of the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) to those of us in travel nursing, we are continuing to provide our readers with periodic updates on where non-compact states are in the legislative process.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 11, 2018
The Latest Trends in Occupational Therapy
While the roots of occupational therapy can be traced back to ancient times, it was conceived as a health profession around 1910 with the first professional occupational therapy association being founded in 1917.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 10, 2018
Working Tourist: Traveling as a Necessity
For most travelers, they have chosen the somewhat nomadic career because they want to fulfill their sense of wanderlust and explore the country.  For Michelle Rodriguez, a traveling Occupational Therapist, the decision to become a traveler was based more on necessity.  Michelle’s husband, George Cabrera, is a Drill Sargent for the United States Army so becoming a travel therapist made sense as military families tend to move around.  She has been a travel therapist for eleven years now, and the..
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 5, 2018
April is Occupational Therapy Month
If you or a loved one has a disability, or have ever had to recover skills after an injury or accident, then you already know of the impact Occupational therapists, and OT Assistants can make on our everyday life.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 4, 2018
Today is World Autism Awareness Day
April 2nd is recognized internationally as World Autism Awareness Day.  For the past 11 years, this day has been used to raise awareness, increase understanding, and foster worldwide support for the millions of people affected by autism. In recognition of people living with autism, landmarks, buildings, homes, and communities around the world will be bathed in blue light.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 2, 2018
Licensing News: New State Added to Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact
The latest news regarding the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 29, 2018
Focusing on People First
We owe it to our clients, to our talented healthcare professionals, and to those that we serve to be even better than we were the day before.
By Lesa Francis Mar 28, 2018
Diabetes Alert Day: Are You At Risk?
Let’s talk numbers.  I am going to list a series of numbers, and you can see if you know what the numbers represent. 
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 27, 2018
Take the Time to Recognize and Celebrate Achievements
I was blessed to have grown up with parents who lived with a “celebrate every chance you get” mentality. 
By Mary B. Lucas Mar 22, 2018
Know Your Rights as a Nurse
It was an incident that sent shockwaves through everyone in the medical community, the July 2017 physical arrest of a nurse in Utah. 
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 21, 2018
Top Healthcare Issues for 2018
n 2018, there is no shortage of issues impacting those in the healthcare industry. 
By Donna Carroll Mar 20, 2018
Substance Use Disorder in Nursing
It is a condition you can find across all walks of life, and throughout all types of careers, substance abuse disorder isn’t confined to anything. 
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 16, 2018
Five Things to Ask About Before Starting a New Travel Assignment
Travel nurses have a variety of reasons for choosing this nomadic career path.  Many just love to travel and find travel nursing to be the best way to get paid for touring the country.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 14, 2018
It’s Patient Safety Awareness Week
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is urging everyone to participate in Patient Safety Awareness Week from March 11th through March 17th.  The focus this year is on two critical issues – safety culture and patient engagement.  Patient Safety A
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 13, 2018
Why It’s Important for an MSP to be Aligned with Your Culture
Today, healthcare organizations are paying closer attention to their organizational culture and branding. This is important for several reasons. One reason is that physician staffing carries great costs when it is not successful. Research shows that hiring the wrong physician can cost a healthcare system $1 million or more in lost revenue, reduced efficiencies, and organizational time. Many unsuccessful hires are due to the candidate not being a good fit culturally. These staffing lessons are..
By Donna Carroll Mar 8, 2018
Why It’s Time for You to Find an MSP Solution
The worst position to be in for any healthcare organization, is when more resources are dedicated to hiring and onboarding than patient care. The healthcare landscape is increasingly difficult to navigate, and administrators are spending too much time worrying about staffing concerns instead of managing legislative, quality, and patient care issues. If this remotely resembles your current situation, now is the time to consider an MSP solution that addresses your specific needs; allowing your..
By Donna Carroll Mar 8, 2018
Don’t Snooze on the Importance of Sleep
One of the most under-rated aspects of a healthier lifestyle is good sleeping health.  The National Sleep Foundation is trying to change that through the promotion of this year’s Sleep Awareness Week, March 11th through March 17th.  The campaign for 2018
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 8, 2018
Reassessing the Value of Your Managed Services Provider
Does it sometimes feel like your Managed Services Provider (MSP) is on auto-pilot? Are they treating you like a partner or just another client? If you even have to ask yourself those questions, you probably already know the answers. Here are a few things to consider when the time comes to reassess the value of your MSP.
By Donna Carroll Mar 7, 2018
Finding and Retaining the Right School Healthcare Professionals
As the winter snows slowly melt away and students and faculty are thinking about their spring break recess, most people might believe that school districts are on auto-pilot this time of year.  And those thinking that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 
By Keiley Giboney Mar 7, 2018
Working Tourist: Travel Nursing for Work and for Play
After five years as an orthopedic nurse, Jonathan Roman was ready for a change of scenery. When two of his nursing school friends told him about their next travel assignment to Maui Memorial Hospital, in August 2017, Jonathan knew he couldn’t pass up that opportunity of a lifetime. And, what a whirlwind journey it has been!
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 6, 2018
March is National Nutrition Month®
“Go Further with Food” is the year’s encouragement put forth by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for National Nutrition Month® (NNM).  This annual campaign started in 1973 as a week-long event focusing on the importance of making better food choices
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 1, 2018
Travel Nursing with Family: Five Things to Consider
Many working tourists use the summer months to turn their travel nursing assignment into an opportunity for the whole family to experience a new place.  Summer assignments with the family in tow can be a great vacation opportunity as long as you plan ahea
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 28, 2018
Physical Therapy Licensure Compact: Latest News
While the Nursing Licensure Compact consumes a lot of the healthcare news headlines, a development that often flies under the radar is the slow and steady progress of the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact. 
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 27, 2018
Is Becoming A Nurse Manager Right for You?
If you have been a Registered Nurse for a few years and feel as though it might be time to pursue the next step in your career, you might want to consider pursuing opportunities to become a Nurse Manager.  If you like the feeling of being in charge and co
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 22, 2018
Budgeting for the Cost of School Healthcare Employment
Across the nation, school systems are struggling under the weight of the rising costs of providing health services for the more than 6.4 million students receiving nursing or therapy services as part of their general or special education program.  Determi
By Keiley Giboney Feb 21, 2018
How to Acquire a Multi-State Nursing License
With all of the legislative changes surrounding the eNLC thus far in 2018, we want to make sure to provide nursing professionals with the latest information as it becomes available.  According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), there are currently 29 states participating in the eNLC.  One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is from nurses who are questioning what steps they have to take to acquire a multi-state nursing license.  Hopefully, we can clear up..
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 20, 2018
PARK CITY, UTAH (February 15, 2018) – Supplemental Health Care, a leading Healthcare Staffing Agency announced today that they have won Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards for providing superior service to their clients and job seekers. Presented in partnership with CareerBuilder, Inavero’s Best of Staffing winners have proven to be industry leaders in service quality based entirely on ratings by their clients and the employees they’ve helped find jobs. On average, clients of..
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 15, 2018
Tips for Bonding with Your Patients and Their Family
Administrative discussions about health care quality are no longer strictly confined to outcomes.  Today, positive outcomes include patient satisfaction data as part of every quality metric. 
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 14, 2018
Flu Season Update
Unless you have been living under a rock this winter, you have heard that this year’s flu season will go down as one of the worst in decades.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 43 states plus New York City, District of Columbia, and Puer
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 13, 2018
5 Keys for Establishing a Successful Relationship with your Recruiter
Life is about relationships.  The relationship with family and loved ones, relationships with your co-workers, relationships with your patients, and for traveling healthcare professionals, the relationship with your recruiter. 
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 8, 2018
Getting a Foot in the Door: How the Right Job Placement Agency Works For You
As a healthcare professional, your skills are in demand.  But, that doesn’t mean you have the job you’ve always wanted.  Maybe you are unhappy with your shift, or the culture in your current position doesn’t match you as a person, or maybe you are looking
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 7, 2018
Pros and Cons of a National Nurse Licensing Compact
The enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) has been in the news lately, and we have been following the action pretty closely in this space.  What we haven’t spent much time on are the reasons why the eNLC makes sense to some and is less than ideal for ot
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 6, 2018
Black History Month: The Benefits of a Culturally Diverse Healthcare Workforce
Every year since 1976, the month of February has been officially recognized by the U.S. President, as Black History Month.  In honor of this month-long celebration of the contributions that African Americans have made toward our nation’s history, we have
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 1, 2018
Five Tips to Reduce the Stress of a Job Search
One old adage that really rings true is “The best time to search for a job is when you already have a job!”  Truer words were never spoken, but unfortunately, circumstances happen, and you may one day be forced to look for a job while unemployed.  Fortuna
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 31, 2018
Socializing as Stress Relief
As the old adage goes, "Strangers are just friends waiting to happen." It can be difficult to leave friends and family behind for a 13-week travel nurse contract, but there is always an opportunity to meet new people who can help ease your loneliness. In
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 30, 2018
School Districts look to Staffing Partners to Overcome Challenges
According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the number of U.S. students receiving special education services is slowing ticking upward.  These children aged 6 through 21, are deserving of the same basic rights to a free appropriate p
By Keiley Giboney Jan 29, 2018
January 25th is IV Nurse Day
Since 1980, every January 25th is the day set aside to recognize infusion nurse professionals around the world.  The Infusion Nurses Society (INS) is encouraging healthcare professionals worldwide to celebrate the meaningful patient care that is being pro
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 25, 2018
National Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Week: January 21 – 27
January 21st-27th marks National Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Week. The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) uses this time to say thank you to the more than 52,000 CRNAs across the country who deliver services to almost 43 m
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 24, 2018
The Benefits of Planning Time Off Between Assignments
For many travel nurses and therapists, theirs is a career that constantly keeps them on the go.  From traveling to and from assignments, deciding when to extend and when to find someplace new, and making the most of discovering each new city along the way
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 23, 2018
Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact – Latest News
As we reported in this space earlier this month, 2018 is the year that the nurse licensure compact is being updated in an attempt to re-energize the efforts to attract all of the states to join. The Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) was enacted in J
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 18, 2018
Working Tourist: A Labor of Love
Lauren Stermer has an adventurous spirit, which has led her on a new journey: travel nursing. It’s the perfect combination of exploring new places and having a fulfilling career doing what she loves. February marks her first full year traveling as a labor
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 17, 2018
What You Need to Know About the Rise of Value-Based Care
The United States spent $10,348 per person for health care in 2016, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. That’s a staggering number, especially when comparing to others across the globe.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 16, 2018
Fun Without the Sun: Avoid Cabin Fever on Your Travel Assignment
The weather doesn’t magically get warmer just because the holidays are over. In many areas around the country, it’s the chilliest time of the year as we eagerly await the May flowers. If you’re on a travel assignment in a colder climate, have no fear!
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 10, 2018
Nurse Interview Primer
Many people dread the interview process.  As a nurse, you may find that in addition to being a qualified healthcare professional, you also have to become proficient at handling interviews.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 9, 2018
This Year’s Best Springtime Travel Assignment Destinations
As a travel nurse, you get to visit a lot of beautiful places. The only catch is that time is precious! In between shifts usually means you’re catching some ZZZs or trying to find a quick bite to eat while resting your feet for the first time in hours. It’s hard to find a minute to research fun destinations so here are a few ideas for your springtime assignment.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 4, 2018
How Soon to Start Planning Your Next Assignment
One of the best things about being a travel nurse is the number of options you have available to you.  You have choices aplenty.  You can work a 13-week assignment and immediately head off to a new assignment.  You can choose to extend in your current loc
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 3, 2018
Enhanced Nurse Licensing Compact is Almost Here
As a means to improve access to care across state lines, the original Nurse Licensing Compact was enacted in 2000 and slowly grew to 25 participating states over the next 15 years.  Since the intent of the compact legislation was to attract participation
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 2, 2018
Staying Safe on Your New Year’s Eve Travel Assignment
If you have chosen to take a travel assignment this holiday season, we don’t have to tell you how chaotic it can be at times.  With the big New Year’s Eve celebrations right around the corner, it is important for travel nurses and therapists to plan for t
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 28, 2017
Physical Therapy Licensure Compact is Coming Soon
Physical Therapists (PTs) and Physical Therapy Assistants (PTAs) have long waited for legislation allowing them to practice in multiple states without having to apply for individual state licenses.  Like their healthcare professional counterparts, Registe
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 27, 2017
Wrapping up Our Season of Service
Throughout the month of December, Supplemental Health Care has been celebrating a “Season of Service,” through our partnership with Ronald McDonald House and other charities across the United States.  As healthcare professionals, I know you are already giving of yourself each day by providing amazing care with compassion to those in need. With that in mind, I must say how proud I am of the efforts our employees have put forth this season.  From our Kansas City office helping to decorate their..
By Lesa Francis Dec 26, 2017
The Christmas Eve Patient
Treat yourself to a little holiday magic with this fictional tale that is sure to warm your heart and help you escape the hustle bustle of the season...
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 21, 2017
Take Your Career to New Heights in the New Year
As 2017 roars to a close, most of us are fully engaged in holiday plans and festivities.  Another task that many of us undertake as the year comes to a close is taking stock of our career.
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 20, 2017
Knowing When “Maybe just a half a drink more” Is Too Much
Spiked eggnog, mulled wine, and hot buttered rum are just a few examples of beverages that go with being in the holiday “spirit.” Cranberry juice and orange liqueur mimosas are aptly named Poinsettias as the star of holiday brunches, while family members
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 19, 2017
Taking the Worry Out of the Nurse Licensing Process
You are at a point in your career where you are ready to check out why Travel Nursing has become such a hot nursing trend, but worrying about licensing issues has you afraid to make the move.  Worry no more, because getting a nursing license in another st
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 14, 2017
Current Healthcare Staffing Industry Trends and Looking Ahead to 2018
Over the past decade, the description of the American workforce has changed dramatically.  Today’s worker makes different value judgments about what is most important to them. In the past, workers would gravitate toward whatever job paid the most or had the best benefits regardless of what hours or shift was required of them.  Now, many workers are more concerned with how their career fits into their lifestyle choice.  This has led to a growing movement toward a “gig” or contingent workforce. ..
By Donna Carroll Dec 13, 2017
A Season of Service
As we do every year around this time, we spend as much time as we can giving thanks with our family and friends, while we celebrate the tidings of the season.
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 12, 2017
The Hands-On Approach to Keeping Germs Off
Something so simple can often be overlooked or taken for granted. For example, thoroughly washing your hands can be the difference between sickness and health. In honor of Handwashing Awareness Week, we wanted to review proper techniques and protocol to e
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 7, 2017
Year of the Healthy Nurse December: Health for the Holidays
For the final installment of the Year of the Healthy Nurse campaign, the American Nurses Association (ANA) brings to light the many ways you can keep your health on track for the upcoming New Year and all the resolutions you may want to make.
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 6, 2017
Staying on Top of Continuing Education as a Travel Nurse
As a travel nurse, sometimes staying on track with your continuing education can take a back seat to all of your exciting adventures on the road.  At Supplemental Health Care, we understand that when you are on a travel assignment, you may not be thinking
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 5, 2017
Latest Updates on the Opioid Epidemic
We have previously discussed the opioid epidemic in the space and tried to outline the role nurses play in combatting the frightening trends we are seeing in this country.  As promised, we have put together the following update on the opioid crisis and th
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 30, 2017
Establishing a Strong Work Relationship With Your Boss
As a professional healthcare worker, as with most careers, much of your success is dependent on building and maintaining relationships.  Each and every workday is comprised of interactions with other people, from your patients and their loved ones to your
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 29, 2017
Working Tourist: Making a Wise Career Decision
For the past twenty years, Wil Shrader has made a career out of caring for the elderly.  About 14 months ago, Wil decided that he wanted to continue working in Geriatric nursing, but he felt it was time to explore new locations and care settings. 
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 27, 2017
A Reason to Give Thanks
In every endeavor I undertake in life, whether in the workplace or at home, I commit myself to exhibiting a positive attitude.  I firmly believe that in everything we do, beginning with an “An Attitude of Gratitude” is key.  I have lived by that credo throughout my life and during my thirty plus years in the staffing industry.  I’ve often said that I have the best career in the world; helping people find meaningful work.  I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to spend my entire career..
By Mary B. Lucas Nov 23, 2017
Find Joy by Volunteering During Your Holiday Travel Assignment
By their very nature, nurses put the needs of others ahead of their own.  For many, this means taking on travel assignments during the holiday months because it is such a high-demand time of year for travel nurses.  Being away from family and friends betw
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 22, 2017
American Diabetes Month: A Look at Treatment Advancements
Each November is recognized as American Diabetes Month® to bring awareness to the chronic disease that impacts nearly half of all American adults.  Diabetes is an illness requiring lifelong management and Diabetes month sheds light on strength, courage, a
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 21, 2017
Working Tourist: Three Years of Adventures
Three years ago, Jessica Beattie was in between jobs and trying to decide if she wanted to move across the country.   Then, as with so many things in life fate arrived in the form of a phone call from Supplemental Health Care.  Ever since that timely phon
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 16, 2017
Power Up for School Psychology Awareness Week 2017
The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) wants to remind everyone that November 13 – 17, 2017 is School Psychology Awareness Week (SPAW).  This year’s theme is Power Up! Be a Positive Charge to highlight how small positive actions, or spark
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 15, 2017
National Nurse Practitioner Week 2017
The American Association of Nurse Practitioners™ (AANP) wants everyone to know that November 12th to 18th is National Nurse Practitioner Week 2017.  This week serves as an opportunity to recognize the more than 234,000 skilled health care providers who ar
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 14, 2017
Year of the Healthy Nurse November: Mental Health and Wellness
In our continuing support of the American Nursing Association (ANA) Year of the Healthy Nurse Campaign, we are covering this month’s theme “Mental Health and Wellness.”  With the days getting shorter and darker as the winter months barrel in on us, mental health and wellness take on added importance.  The “winter blues,” or Seasonal Affective Disorder, is estimated to impact 10 million Americans with another 10 to 20 percent suffering mild symptoms.  In addition to seeking out natural sunlight..
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 9, 2017
Career Spotlight: Opportunities for Radiology Technologists
Did you know that the x-ray was discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen on November 8, 1895?  That special date serves as the cornerstone for National Radiologic Technology Week (NRTW), an annual event to recognize the important role that medical imaging an
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 8, 2017
Protect Yourself for Flu Season 2017 – 2018
The most dreaded season of the year is upon us, the one that has everyone young and old dreading its arrival and waiting for it to end.  No, I am not referring to the Holiday Season, I am talking about “Flu Season.”  According to the CDC, flu season typic
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 7, 2017
Embrace the Cold on Your Next Travel Assignment
Recently in this space, we wrote about planning your next travel assignment to ‘Escape the Cold.'  Well, what about those of us who enjoy the brisk air and lovely blanket of white that covers the ground during the winter months.  When you are adventurous,
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 2, 2017
American Diabetes Month
One in 10 Americans is suffering from Diabetes making the month-long awareness and education campaign of American Diabetes Month® very significant nationwide.  The American Diabetes Association® promotes their mission as preventing and curing diabetes and
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 1, 2017
The Traveler: A Halloween Story
“It’s unusually quiet so far tonight,” Janice claimed as she glanced up and down the empty hall in the Surgical Recovery Unit.  “I spoke to Emma down in the ER, and she said it’s dead down there too!”
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 31, 2017
Plan Your Next Travel Assignment to Escape the Cold
Do the changing leaves, and the approach of Halloween send shivers down your spine?  And by shivers, I don’t mean shivers of fright from all of the scary decorations, but shivers from the dropping temperatures and the inevitable arrival of winter.  If you
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 26, 2017
New Technologies in Physical Therapy
As part of National Physical Therapy Month, it seems natural to extend the conversation about the amazing care being provided by our nations’ Physical Therapists to also touch on new technologies that are or will soon be available.  As in every industry,
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 25, 2017
National Respiratory Care Week: Working Together, Saving Lives
In these chaotic times that we live in today, there is an old idiom that rings true now more than ever.  “We’d all like to breathe a little easier!”  Most of us have heard that phrase or an iteration of that phrase at some point in our lives.
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 24, 2017
Top Five Travel Assignment Cities for Couples
Are you planning to bring your significant other on your next travel assignment?  The only thing better about being a travel nurse or therapist and having the opportunity to explore new cities and places for 13-weeks is doing it with someone you love.  He
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 19, 2017
Biggest Challenges Faced by Physical Therapists
Throughout National Physical Therapy Month we have used this space to highlight the physical therapy profession and the incredible work being done by selfless practitioners around the country.  As with any career, the physical therapy practice is not without its challenges and pitfalls.  Let’s take a brief look at a few of the most common challenges faced by physical therapists today.
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 18, 2017
The History and Impact of Physical Therapy
The year was 435 BC when Hippocrates began advocating the use of massage, hydrotherapy, and manual therapy techniques to treat his patients.  This is believed to have been the very first origins of what would become today’s physical therapy.
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 17, 2017
2017 Physical Therapy Trends and Treatments
As a continuation of our content geared toward Physical Therapy Month, we decided it was time to look at newer developments in PT treatments and industry trends.
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 12, 2017
Turning Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Beginning in 1985, the month of October has become synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness.  First observed in the United States, October is now known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world.  In 1993, the Breast cancer Research Foundation was f
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 11, 2017
5 of the Best Physical Therapy Apps
By now, most physical therapists are using tablets or other mobile devices during their interactions with patients.  From demonstrating how a therapy exercise should be performed to illustrating how different parts of the anatomy work together, technology has become an invaluable tool in every facet of the healthcare industry.  Let’s take a look at five apps that every physical therapist should be using.
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 10, 2017
Top Five Travel Assignments for Art Lovers
One of the greatest benefits of being a travel nurse or therapist is being able to choose your assignment destinations based on the things you love to do outside of work. 
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 5, 2017
Physical Therapy Career Paths
There is more than 210,000 Physical Therapist (PTs) practicing in the United States today, but by no means do they all have the same job.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, PT jobs are expected to grow by more than 34% over the next decade. Let
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 4, 2017
National Physical Therapy Month
Annually, the month of October is utilized to recognize the great work that physical therapists are doing to help patients optimize movement and enrich their lives.  Known as National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM), the American Physical Therapy Associatio
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 3, 2017
Important Factors in Choosing a Travel Hospital
Sometimes travel nurses get so hung up on finding the perfect destination for a travel assignment that they overlook another very important consideration, the actual hospital or facility for the assignment.  While the destination overall is what draws peo
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 28, 2017
Lesa Francis Named to SIA's Global Power 100 - Women in Staffing
PARK CITY, UTAH (September 27, 2017) – Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions, has published its third annual Global Power 100 – Women in Staffing list. Supplemental Health Care, a leading provider of healthcare workforce solutions, proudly announces that President and CEO Lesa Francis has been recognized as a member of the SIA Global Power 100 list. The Global Power 100 is intended to shine a spotlight on those who are leading the staffing..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 27, 2017
Five Tips for Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers
In healthcare, as in every other industry in the United States, we are working with a more diverse group of co-workers than ever before.  No matter the size of your workplace, from the largest mega-hospital to a small private practice, you are all working
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 27, 2017
Trends in Hospital Patient Care
The Health Care industry continues its rapid evolution partly in response to legislative changes and also due to technological advances and financial pressures.  As one would expect with all of the industry tumult, patient care is undergoing its share of
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 26, 2017
Best Stretching Exercises for Nurses
For any of us that work in a hospital or clinical environment, one of the main goals of every shift is to stay relaxed and loose but also energized.  One of the best ways to do that is to incorporate stretching into your daily work routine.  The benefits
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 21, 2017
National Backpack Awareness Day™
This school year, there are more than 80 million students across the United States back in school.  If you take a close look at some of these students, you will see that many of them are struggling under the weight of their overloaded backpack.  Further,
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 20, 2017
Working Tourist: A Lifetime of Service
Jay Stine is not your ordinary travel nurse, in fact, once you get to know him you realize there is nothing ordinary about him at all.  After spending 22 years as a Maryland State Trooper, and several of those years as part of the security detail for a me
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 19, 2017
Speech-Language Pathologist Named National Staffing Employee of the Year
ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA (September 18, 2017) —The American Staffing Association today announced that speech-language pathologist Brittney Bourgeois is the 2018 National Staffing Employee of the Year. ASA also named National Staffing Employee of the Year All-Stars in the five staffing industry sectors.
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 18, 2017
The Benefits of Being a Nurse Mentor
Did you know that in some areas up to 60% of new nurses leave their first position and some the nursing profession entirely within two years?
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 14, 2017
Nurses Volunteering for Natural Disaster Response
You chose nursing as a career most likely because of your innate desire to provide care to people in need.  At no time is that caring and compassion more in need than during the response to a natural disaster.
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 13, 2017
Latest Technology in Home Health Care
There is probably no sector of the Health Care industry undergoing more change right now than Home Health.  Much of the changes are being driven by technology but maybe not the technology that immediately comes to mind.  Let’s take a look at how the Home
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 12, 2017
Best U.S. Cities for Foodies
Let’s face it if you are going to be spending 13 weeks in a city while on a travel nursing or therapist assignment, you may as well choose a locale where you are going to eat well.  If you like to consider yourself an amateur foodie, then this is the list
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 7, 2017
Healthy Aging® Month and You
The month of September became known as Healthy Aging® Month over two decades ago, just as the baby boomer generation began turning fifty years old.  Today, there are more than 76 million boomers over the age of fifty, and many of them are working in the h
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 6, 2017
Year of the Healthy Nurse: Balance and Recovery
For September, the American Nurses Association (ANA) has set the theme for their ‘Year of the Healthy Nurse’ campaign to highlight the benefits of finding work-life balance.  Most busy professionals will admit that the idea of finding true, work-life bala
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 5, 2017
What’s Next for Health Care Reform?
Over the past several years, we have occasionally used this blog space to keep you up-to-date on the developments in Washington regarding the Affordable Care Act and the legislative efforts to reform the health care system.  As you probably know, the Cong
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 31, 2017
Springfield Missouri Should Be Your Next Travel Assignment
If you can’t decide whether you want to travel to the big city or enjoy the great outdoors on your next travel assignment do both by choosing Springfield, Missouri.  Located in the southwestern part of the state of Missouri, Springfield has the good fortune of being in the heart of the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains.  In addition to outdoor recreation, Springfield is also the third largest city in the state and home to all of the amenities found in larger cities throughout the country. ..
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 30, 2017
Top Nursing Jobs That Aren’t Found in Hospitals
Often, young nursing students just starting out on their educational journey think that when they are finished with school, they will end up working in a hospital.  It isn’t until they gain some experience in school that they realize there are many RN job
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 29, 2017
Plan Your Next Assignment in Historic Birmingham
In addition to the southern hospitality and great fall weather, today’s city of Birmingham is rife with history, great eateries, shopping, and more.  Let’s look at some of the many reasons why a travel assignment in Birmingham will be 13-weeks you’ll never forget.
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 24, 2017
Five Ways to Stand Out From the Nursing Crowd
Most people who become a healthcare professional do it because they are driven to help others.  If you are also driven to advance your career, then it will be important to find ways to stand out above the rest of the nursing crowd.
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 23, 2017
Nurse Job Satisfaction Tied to Better Patient Outcomes
As in most professions, when you are happy and more satisfied with your career, there is a tendency to do a better job.  Nursing is no different and recent studies have shown a correlation between nurse job satisfaction and better patient outcomes.  The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) has tracked data indicating that as nurse’s job satisfaction increases, infections rates decrease and injuries due to falls decrease commensurately.  The NDNQI also shows that increased job..
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 22, 2017
Travel Assignments: Never A One-Size Fits All
When healthcare professionals hear about the opportunities available for travel nurses and therapists, many worry that the contract length will be too long or that the opportunities are all the same.  Maybe at one time when travel healthcare staffing was
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 17, 2017
Make the Most of Your Online Job Search
Back in the day, job searches were confined to the kitchen table with a newspaper and a red pen in hand.  Today, job searches still take place at the kitchen table, but the newspaper has been replaced with a laptop and a mouse.
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 16, 2017
Preventing the Preventable
The measles virus is serious. It is a potentially deadly and highly contagious. Measles is so contagious that 90% of people who have not been immunized can become infected. Additionally, the disease can live for up to two hours in the in the environment w
By Jackie Kaufman of Vaccine Ambassadors Aug 15, 2017
Planning Your Nursing Career Path
If you are like many of us, once the calendar turns to August a slight feeling of melancholy accompanies it.  That simple flip of a page on your calendar signals that another summer is coming to a close, another school year is ramping up, and before too l
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 10, 2017
Effective Patient Communication and Better Outcomes
As the healthcare industry undergoes seemingly constant change, there is one constant that doesn’t change.  The role the nurse plays in patient satisfaction and being the face of caring is something that will never change.  Nurses spend the most time with
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 8, 2017
Top Travel Assignment Cities for Music Lovers
Now that you’re planning your next travel assignment, you may want to consider finding an assignment in one of the many great American cities for live music.  No matter what your musical tastes are, there are cities across the land where you can find music venues that are pumping out the jams seven days a week.  Let’s explore five top cities for music lovers.
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 8, 2017
Year of the Healthy Nurse: Happiness
We’ve reached the eighth month of the American Nurses Association (ANA) Year of the healthy Nurse campaign, and the theme for August is something we can all relate to…Happiness.  Finding happiness at both work and home can be the key to a healthier life and a more productive workplace.
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 3, 2017
4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Motor City
So you are planning your next travel assignment and jotting down travel destinations that come to mind first, California, Hawaii, the Carolinas, or the Pacific Northwest.  All wonderful places, to be sure, but if you broaden your thinking, you might just
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 2, 2017
What You Need to Know about National Immunization Awareness Month
Starting August 1st, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asks Americans to turn their attention towards the importance of vaccinations through National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM).  Annually, August is the month for this important
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 1, 2017
Best Destinations for Seeing Fall Foliage
We know, you are still enjoying your summer and all of the fun parties, cookouts, campfires, and trips to the beach, but it is probably time to plan your next travel assignment. 
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 27, 2017
Tips to Dispel Millennial Healthcare Worker Stereotypes
On average, nurses in the United States today are more than 45 years of age.  With that many Baby Boomer and Gen-X nurses in the workforce, younger nurses are running into the negative stereotypes that have been attached to the millennial generation. Let’
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 26, 2017
School Nurses and Therapists: Tips for Creating a Successful Program
The 2017 – 2018 school year is right around the corner, and district nurses and therapists are busy getting their programs prepared.  If you are new to working in a school setting, you will quickly find out that it takes some planning to stay organized th
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 25, 2017
11 Ways to Get to Know Denver
With its proximity to the Rockies and 300 days of sunshine a year, there’s no wonder so many people are flocking to Denver. Whether you’re coming on assignment or maybe looking to stay a little longer, there is plenty to do and see! Take it from someone who just moved to the area – I’ve already compiled a list of things I want to try in the Mile High City.
By Katie Dashiell Jul 20, 2017
Don’t Look Now, A New School Year is Right Around the Corner!
For many school-based nursing and therapy professionals, summer is the time to catch up on continuing education and professional development.  In between carting the kids back and forth to ball games and practices, there might even be some time to put tho
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 19, 2017
Finding a Nurse Mentor
Starting out a career as a nursing professional can be pretty daunting.  From learning the ropes at your new job to meeting your new coworkers to just finding out where everything is, your first nursing job is going to be stressful, challenging, and rewa
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 18, 2017
Blood Donations are Critical This Time of Year
While most of us are enjoying our summer vacations at some point over the next few months, the folks at the Red Cross and other donation centers are working overtime trying to meet the summer demand for blood and platelets.  Earlier this month, the Americ
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 13, 2017
Working Tourist: Swimming With Sharks
Gretchen Harrison has been a travel nurse for close to a year and now wonders why she didn’t get started sooner.  As a Med/Surg & Telemetry RN, Gretchen was growing increasingly frustrated with the challenges she faced when trying to request time off from
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 12, 2017
What is the Status of New Healthcare Legislation
For months now, the daily news has been filled with stories about efforts to change the Affordable Care Act.  In the past two elections cycles, hopeful politicians from all over the country argued the merits of “repealing and replacing” the momentous heal
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 11, 2017
Advice for New Travel Nurses from our Travel Nurses
Regular readers of the Working Tourist are probably familiar with the profiles that we do to highlight our travel nurses, therapists, and allied talent.  Upon deciding that it was time to put together content with advice for those considering or are new t
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 6, 2017
Healthcare Risk Management in Practice
Almost every major industry in the United States has some form of risk management as a component of their daily operations.  Arguably, in no industry is risk management as important as it is in healthcare, in fact, it can mean the difference between life
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 5, 2017
Year of the Healthy Nurse July: Healthy Sleep
This time of year is referred to as the “dog days of summer” for a reason, long days, hot sun, and humid nights.  Weather like this across most of the country makes for difficult sleeping conditions.  In the American Nurses Association ‘Year of the Health
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 4, 2017
Is Working Per Diem the Right Move For You?
Nursing professionals typically have a variety of options to choose from when deciding where and how they are going to work.  From working twelve-hour shifts to four tens, to working days, nights, or afternoons, there are schedules to fit most lifestyles.
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 29, 2017
Five Healthcare Topics to Watch in 2017
As we find ourselves at the mid-point of the year, there has been a myriad of developments in the healthcare industry, including the imminent debate on the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Since there seems to be no shortage of industry storylin
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 28, 2017
Alternative Housing Option for Travelers: Cabins
When you first begin to think about housing options for your travel assignment, things like employer-provided housing, extended stay hotels, Airbnb, and even Craigslist come to mind.  But depending on your personal tastes, there is another attractive opti
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 27, 2017
7 Tips for Acing Your Phone Interview
In the healthcare profession, and in most occupations actually, phone interviews have become the norm for hiring managers.  They not only save time but are a good way to efficiently get through a group of candidates and form a first impression based on ho
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 22, 2017
Working Tourist: Starting Out Close to Home
Loren Stitt is on her first travel assignment and chose a location that is close to her hometown of Buffalo, New York.  She took an assignment near Rochester New York.
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 21, 2017
New Bill Introduced to Expand Telehealth Services
In May, bi-partisan legislation was introduced in the United States Senate to expand telehealth and remote patient monitoring to Medicare patients.  The ‘Creating Opportunities Now for Necessary and Effective Care Technologies for Health Act of 2017’ (CON
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 20, 2017
National Nursing Assistant Week 2017
Beginning today, June 15th, our nation will recognize the efforts and contributions of a very special group of healthcare professionals, Certified Nursing Assistants or CNAs.  Every day, nearly 2.5 million CNAs provide compassion and care to frail, elderl
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 15, 2017
It’s Time for an Assignment in Kansas City
When travel nurses and therapists put together their bucket list of great destinations to visit on a travel assignment, it’s a safe bet that Kansa City isn’t at or even near the top of the list.  It isn’t surprising that this Midwestern gem flies under th
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 14, 2017
How School Nurses and Therapists Can Fill Their Summer
As another school year draws to a close, school-based nurses and therapists have decisions to make about how they can fill their summer months.  For those who aren’t required to work year round, summer can be a great time to spend time with the kids and f
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 13, 2017
Wear Purple in Support of National Headache & Migraine Awareness Month
If you do not suffer from headaches or migraines, it is a pretty easy assumption to say that you know someone or have a family member who suffers from chronic headaches or migraines.  June is recognized as National Headache & Migraine Awareness Month (MHA
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 8, 2017
June is Men’s Health Month
Across the United States each year, the month of June is recognized as National Men’s Health Month to heighten the awareness, early detection, and treatment of preventable health problems for men and boys.  As we have covered in this space previously, men
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 7, 2017
National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day
Although they may not interact with patients directly, health care recruitment professionals play an integral role in making sure medical patients throughout the United States are receiving the important care that they need.  Since 1991, the first Tuesday
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 5, 2017
Year of the Healthy Nurse: Men's Health, Skin Health, Cancer Awareness
The theme for the month of June in the American Nurses Association (ANA) Year of the Healthy Nurse campaign is “Men’s Health, Cancer Awareness, and Skin Health.”  The ANA is bundling these three health topics to raise awareness of how each relates to men. These are important issues for both men and women, but overall, men are less likely to act proactively about their health.
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 1, 2017
Travel Assignment in Tampa? Beaches Yes, but Much More
It is pretty obvious that when you book your travel assignment in Tampa Florida that you have fun in the sun on your mind.  I mean, who wouldn’t with the warm blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico just a short drive away?  But once you arrive in your Sunshine
By Supplemental Health Care May 31, 2017
Maintaining SLP Certification with Continuing Education
Speech-Language Pathologists know that to maintain their certification through American Speech-Hearing Association (ASHA), they will have to stay current with Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  Each SLP is required to earn 3.0 CEUs every three years to r
By Supplemental Health Care May 30, 2017
Latest Tech Impacting Audiology
Throughout Better Hearing and Speech Month, we have provided content on a variety of topics related to hearing and speech professionals.  In this article, we will take a brief look at some of the technologies that are impacting the field of Audiology and
By Supplemental Health Care May 25, 2017
Five Conditions You Didn’t Know Were Treated By an SLP
During Better Hearing and Speech Month, we have recognized the incredible work that our nation’s hearing and speech professionals do for the patients they serve.  To say Speech- Language Pathologists provide therapies for hearing and speech disorders is a very broad characterization.  Initially, people know that SLP’s can help treat stuttering and other forms of sound articulation issues, but in reality, there are many disorders most people have never heard of that can be treated by an SLP. ..
By Supplemental Health Care May 23, 2017
Time for a Travel Assignment in Tinseltown
The City of Angels, aka Tinseltown, aka La-La Land, or simply L.A., there are few cities known by more nicknames than So Cal’s own Los Angeles.  There are many great travel destinations in California, but one that is sometimes overlooked as a travel assig
By Supplemental Health Care May 23, 2017
Five Signs It’s Time to Have Your Hearing Checked
Most people are surprised to find out that the third most common health problem in the United States is hearing loss.  According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), almost 48 million Americans have some form of diminished or hearin
By Supplemental Health Care May 18, 2017
7 of the Best Travel Destinations for Exploring the Great Outdoors
If you are planning a travel assignment for the summer, there are many great destinations that allow you to enjoy all that nature has to offer once your shift ends.  Let’s take a look at the best cities in the United States for soaking up the great outdoo
By Supplemental Health Care May 17, 2017
Make Texas Your Next Travel Destination
We’ve all heard that “everything is bigger in Texas” and that couldn’t be more true for travel nurses and therapists.  The Dallas-Ft. Worth-Arlington area is officially called the Metroplex by the United States Office of Management and Budget as it is the largest metropolitan area in the south and the economic and cultural hub for North Central Texas.  If you are a travel nurse or therapist, now is the time to head south and check out why the travel assignment opportunities are bigger in Texas!
By Supplemental Health Care May 16, 2017
Nurses Need Balance Between Caring for Others and Self
As National Nurses Week winds to a close on May 12th, this week’s theme of Balancing Mind, Body, and Spirit should carry on throughout the year.  The American Nurses Association is recognizing the importance of promoting Nurse’s Health and Wellness Issues
By Lesa Francis May 11, 2017
Working Tourist: Man on a Mission
Patrick McMurray has been travel nursing for less than a year but is already seeing benefits that he didn’t necessarily expect to see.  He is finding that travel nursing is helping him become more flexible and adaptable because he is able to jump in and w
By Supplemental Health Care May 10, 2017
National Nurses Week is May 6th through May 12th
Throughout 2017, the American Nurses Association (ANA) has been running a “Year of the Healthy Nurse” campaign.  That theme is continuing during National Nurses Week, May 6 – 12, as “Nursing: The Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit” is the overarching messa
By Supplemental Health Care May 9, 2017
Current Trends in Nursing 2017
Everyone in the healthcare field knows that the one constant in our profession is change! From changing legislation and regulations to changing technologies, each year we see new trends emerge.  Nursing professionals are typically exposed to the most chan
By Supplemental Health Care May 4, 2017
May is National Fitness and Sports Month
The American Nurses Association (ANA) Year of the Health Nurse Campaign is focusing on Women’s Health and National Fitness and Sports Month for May 2017.  It is a natural campaign focus as the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) already recogniz
By Supplemental Health Care May 3, 2017
Better Hearing and Speech Month 2017
Founded in 1927, by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), the month of May has been recognized as Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM).  This year’s theme: Communication: The Key To Connection highlights the need for awareness about c
By Supplemental Health Care May 2, 2017
Does Working the Night Shift Leave You Exhausted?
If you’ve never worked the night shift, you really have no idea the physical and mental toll that it takes on your body.  Many travel nurses prefer to work the night shift or don’t have an option when it is a highly desired destination.  If you are new to
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 27, 2017
Five Ways to Recognize the Child of an OT
Occupational Therapists spend their days helping patients improve and engage in quality of life activities.  OTs typically don’t just focus on a specific problem for a patient. Instead, they are trained to consider a patient’s entire environment as part o
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 26, 2017
Get Involved with Immunization Week
Beginning in 1994 during the last week of April, a nation-wide effort has taken place to raise awareness about the critical role vaccinations play in protecting children and public health from preventable diseases.  Supplemental to the efforts here in the
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 25, 2017
Least Stressful Cities for Your Next Travel Assignment
In keeping with the American Nurses Association ‘Year of the Healthy Nurse’ campaign for April regarding Stress Management, let’s take a look at some of the least stressful travel destinations for your next assignment.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 20, 2017
5 Conditions You May Not Know That Can be Treated by Occupational Therapy
We continue our observation of Occupational Therapy Month by bringing to your attention conditions you may not know that can be treated by Occupational Therapy.  Some of the most common conditions that require OT interventions are obvious.  Individuals wi
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 19, 2017
5 Tips for Dealing with a Really Bad Day at Work
We have all had them.  They are sneaky and persistent like those dark clouds that show up right before the nice backyard barbecue you had planned.  That is right; I am talking about the really bad day at work that crops up out of nowhere and zaps your pos
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 18, 2017
Top Eight Apps Every Occupational Therapist Should Have
Today, one of the most important tools any OT or OTA should have at their disposal is an iPad or another tablet.  With the prevalence of apps made specifically for healthcare professionals providing therapy to patients, it makes sense that a handheld device is one of the first things out of your OT toolbox.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 13, 2017
Updating Your Occupational Therapist Resume
In the spirit of spring when nature is awakening after a long winter, many healthcare professionals are evaluating their careers and deciding if they are on the right path or if, like the season, it is time for a change.  When you’re ready to explore new opportunities for your Occupational Therapy career, then updating your resume is job number one.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 12, 2017
April is National and World Autism Awareness Month
For almost 50 years, April has been designated as the month to promote awareness and acceptance of the tens of thousands of individuals facing an autism diagnosis each year.  Autism month is recognized both nationally here in the United States and around
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 11, 2017
Year of the Healthy Nurse: Combating Stress
The fourth month of the American Nursing Association (ANA) Year of the Healthy Nurse deals with a subject nurses, therapists, aides, physicians, administrators, and everyone else in healthcare can relate to, Combating Stress.  Stress for nurses is often something that stays beneath the surface and builds over time.  Because nurses are dealing with so many physical and mental challenges every day, it is extremely important to recognize when it is getting the better of you and taking the time to..
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 6, 2017
What Happens Back Home
No matter how long you have been a travel nurse, the excitement and anticipation of starting a new assignment never changes.  Along with that adrenaline rush of the adventure ahead, there is also the important business of taking care of the home life you
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 5, 2017
Celebrating 100 Years of Occupational Therapy
Each year since 1980, the month of April has been declared Occupational Therapy Month. This year is a special celebration as the field of Occupational Therapy is celebrating 100 years! The new theme for the American Occupational Therapy Association is “Oc
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 4, 2017
School Staffing Team in Championship Form
For the past several weeks, sports enthusiasts everywhere have been glued to the Men’s and Women’s Collegiate Basketball Tournaments.  This coming weekend, tens of millions will be glued to their televisions to watch the Final Four as the teams battle it
By Keiley Giboney Mar 30, 2017
Best Ways for Physical Therapists to Deal With Stress
We’ve all been there.  No matter what our chosen career path is, dealing with occasional stress is inevitable.  Stress often accompanies a career in healthcare, and no care discipline is immune.  So how do Physical Therapists deal with stress when it cree
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 28, 2017
Is Home Health Care Right For You?
In this space, we have recently touched on career-focused topics such as nursing job satisfaction and how to know if it is time for a nursing career change.  If seeing the flowers ready to bloom anew and feeling the renewal of springtime has you ready for
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 28, 2017
Is it Time for a Nursing Career Change?
So, you’ve been on the job for a couple of years or a couple dozen years now, and you think it is time to move on, but how do you know?  Nurse turnover has been a topic of discussion for several years as the healthcare industry continues to face increases
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 23, 2017
Discover Springtime in Chicago
Most of us are still rubbing the sleep out of our eyes from the long winter’s hibernation right around the time St. Patrick’s Day and then Easter rolls around.  Well, it is that time of year again, making right now the perfect time to check out all of the
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 22, 2017
Starting the Travel Nursing Journey Together
Lara Svensson and Sean Smith met in nursing school and have been together ever since.  Lara, an ICU nurse, and Sean, a surgical step-down specialist have recently begun a new chapter in their relationship; they became travel nurses!  In January 2017, they
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 21, 2017
Patient Safety Awareness Week 2017
From March 12 to March 18, the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) is sponsoring Patient Safety Awareness Week.  The theme for 2017’s campaign is United for Patient Safety to highlight and reinforce that everyone within the healthcare industry has a
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 16, 2017
Keys to Nursing Job Satisfaction
For many years now, the results from various annual surveys about which profession people trust the most; the nursing professional has come out at or near the top.  But just because they are the most trusted in the eyes of the public doesn’t mean they are
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 15, 2017
Healthcare HR Professionals Recognized This Week
The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) of the American Hospital Association celebrates Heathcare HR Week during the week of March 12 – March 18.  ASHHRA is a professional organization with more than 3,000 members natio
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 14, 2017
Year of the Healthy Nurse: Nutrition
As March is National Nutrition Month, it makes sense that the American Nurses Association (ANA) Year of the Healthy Nurse Campaign is focusing on Nutrition for March 2017.  A 2016 ANA health risk appraisal indicated that nursing students and RNs have an a
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 8, 2017
5 Conditions That Can Be Treated With Physical Therapy
When most people think of physical therapy, they associate the treatment with patients who are suffering from mobility deficiencies due to recent surgery, or helping patients manage chronic musculoskeletal ailments.  While this is all true, Physical thera
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 7, 2017
Lesa Francis Named to SIA’s Staffing 100 Leadership List
PARK CITY, UTAH (March 2, 2017) - Lesa Francis, President and CEO of Supplemental Health Care, a leading provider of healthcare workforce solutions, has been named to the 2017 Staffing Industry Analysts’ annual North American Staffing 100 list of notable influencers within the industry. Lesa has been recognized on this prestigious list a total of four times now.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 2, 2017
March is National Nutrition Month
With the clever slogan “Put Your Best Fork Forward” leading the way, March is once again being hailed as National Nutrition Month®.  Originally instituted as a week-long event in 1973, and a month-long event beginning in 1980, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reminds everyone of the benefits of healthy eating.  With an obesity epidemic still impacting Americans, now more than ever a campaign focusing on the importance of making informed food choices and improving physical activity habits..
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 2, 2017
What’s Next for Prescription Drug Costs
We’ve all been there or have a friend or loved one who has been prescribed a drug to deal with a medical condition only to suffer a serious case of sticker shock at the pharmacy!  Even though millions more Americans have medical coverage through the Affor
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 1, 2017
Top Five Cities for Singles
Throughout the month of February, the Working Tourist blog has been featuring profiles on couples who have been traveling together.  If reading about those happy travelers has prompted you to consider finding a travel partner of your own, then this articl
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 28, 2017
The Future of the Affordable Care Act
Currently, the United States Congress is out on their Presidents Day break.  Upon returning next Monday, February 27th, one of the hottest items on their agenda is going to be deciding the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Now that the Republican Pa
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 23, 2017
African-American History Month Profile: Bessie Blount Griffin
In recognition of African-American History Month, a healthcare professional that is exceedingly deserving of having her story told is Bessie Blount Griffin.  Born in 1914, Griffin’s varied career saw her following her dreams of becoming a medical professi
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 22, 2017
Working Tourists: A Decade of Friendship, Marriage and Travel Nursing
January 2017 marked the tenth year that Carland and Myra Baker have been travel nurses.  During this decade of care, they have traveled near and far, from mountain towns to big cities and all the while working right beside their best friend.  Theirs is a
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 21, 2017
Continuing Education for Nursing Professionals
It is that dreaded time of year where we all have to take stock of our financial situation and prepare our taxes.  It is a task that ranks right at the top of the list for things we hate to do but have to do on an annual basis, think Colonoscopy.  However
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 16, 2017
Working Tourist: Bringing a Piece of Home With You
Erika Wilkins and Jason Stranz met while working at the same hospital in Upstate New York.  Erika had always wanted to travel, and after she had met Jason, they began to talk about taking the plunge into the world of working tourists.  Jason typically wor
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 15, 2017
February 14th is National Donor Day
Did you know that almost 120,000 Americans are on lists waiting for an organ transplant and countless others are in desperate need of tissue, cornea, blood or platelets?  On Tuesday, February 14th, as you perform your daily lifesaving tasks as a nurse or other healthcare professional, think about those multitudes of individuals waiting for donation services.  Since 1998, The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has designated February 14th as National Donor Day. 
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 14, 2017
Working Tourist: Finding Love on Assignment in Tampa
Nick Bair was working four or five 12-hour shifts per week as an RN in Clayton Missouri when he decided enough was enough.  As a child, Nick’s family spent a lot of time traveling around the country, so it was a natural decision for him to take control of
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 9, 2017
Year of the Healthy Nurse: Cardiovascular Health
Since February is annually recognized as National Heart Month, it only makes sense that the American Nurses Association (ANA) ‘Year of the Healthy Nurse’ campaign highlights cardiovascular health this month.  Cardiovascular Disease is impacting almost 86
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 8, 2017
February is American Heart Month
President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed February 1964 as the first annual American Heart Month.  This month our nation’s attention will turn towards recognizing the dangers of cardiovascular disease.  Heart disease and stroke account for more than 17 million
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 7, 2017
Working Tourist: Traveling with your Best Friend
In May 2016, David and Jessica Golomski joined an exclusive group of travelers within the healthcare community.  They have chosen to become travel nurses together and have embarked on an exciting, fulfilling career while seeing all that our country has to
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 2, 2017
Mary Eliza Mahoney: A Healthcare Pioneer
In 1976 President Gerald Ford determined that African American History should be recognized throughout the month of February.  Now in its 91st year, this national recognition will include a celebration of the contributions and successes achieved by Africa
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 1, 2017
Licensing News: Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact
In a continuing effort to promote a nurse’s ability to have mobility in providing care across state borders, in 2015, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) introduced the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC).  This “new” compact expan
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 31, 2017
Year of the Healthy Nurse: Worksite Wellness and Worker Well-Being
Earlier this month we introduced you to the American Nurses Association (ANA) 2017 Campaign: Year of the Healthy Nurse.  Every month a new topic will be shared with nurses to help them stay healthy while they are working to keep their patients healthy.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 26, 2017
Nursing Specialties: IV Nurse
Since 1981, January 25th has been the day designated for recognizing the professionalism and accomplishments of the IV Nurse.  Referred to as an Infusion Nurse, these knowledgeable, dedicated healthcare professionals practice with the following skillset:
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 25, 2017
Staying Safe While on a Travel Assignment
You’ve just landed a great new travel assignment in a city or state you have always dreamed of visiting.  It is in a location where you don’t have any family or friends to rely on, so what can you do to keep yourself safe while making the most of this opp
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 24, 2017
Maintain Your Work/Life Balance with Supplemental Health Care
As a healthcare professional, having a job that allows you to maintain the proper balance between your work life and home life is critical to both you and your patients.  At Supplemental Health Care, we understand that, and our mission is to provide you w
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 18, 2017
Travel Nursing Q&A
Recently, we asked a Supplemental Health Care travel recruiter questions in regards to Travel Nursing. Let’s take a look at what topics we talked about.  Below is a summary of the questions and answers provided.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 17, 2017
Top Five Healthcare Industry Issues for 2017
As we start a new year, it’s time once again to look at issues that will be facing our industry in the year ahead.  With a new president being inaugurated on Friday, January 20th, the healthcare industry will surely be facing a year of change and adaptati
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 16, 2017
2017 Declared Year of the Healthy Nurse
The American Nurses Association (ANA) has declared that 2017 will be the Year of the Healthy Nurse.  Each month, the ANA will promote specific wellness issues that relate to nursing professionals and people in general. 
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 12, 2017
Navigating Your Way to Your Next Travel Assignment
It is one thing to find your perfect travel assignment, but it is another thing to pack up and drive there.  Fortunately, there is no shortage of ways to find driving directions no matter where you are going in the United States.  For those of us who have
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 11, 2017
Take Your New Year’s Resolution to the Next Level
Have you given up on making resolutions for the New Year because you are tired of the same old, same old?  Every year the resolutions seem to be the same; eat healthier or get more exercise, save more and spend less, blah, blah, blah!  This year, don’t gi
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 10, 2017
The Importance of Donating Blood
Since 1970, January has been designated as National Blood Donor Month.  The American Red Cross is urging all Americans to roll up their sleeve and donate blood and platelets this winter.  Since this is the time of year for making resolutions, why not add
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 5, 2017
Supplemental Health Care Announces Promotions and Additions to Leadership Team
PARK CITY, UTAH (January 3, 2017) /PRNewswire/ -- Supplemental Health Care, a national healthcare staffing firm headquartered in Park City, Utah, today announced it has promoted and hired several new members of their leadership team. Melissa (Missy) Blankenship has been promoted to the role of President of Local Offices. Blankenship has been with the company for 12 years and has continuously contributed to the company's growth and productivity. Chris Long and Linda McDonnell have been promoted..
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 3, 2017
How to Find Housing as a Travel Nurse or Therapist
Is 2017 the year you finally decide to try your hand at travel nursing or travel therapy?  You’ve heard and read about all of the rewarding and exciting experiences others have had as a “Working Tourist,” but there are a few things you still need to understand.  For example, one of the main considerations, when you become a travel nurse, is “where will I stay?”  Fortunately, when you are working with Supplemental Health Care, there are housing experts available to help you every step of the way.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 3, 2017
Five Quick Exercises You Can Do at Work
If you are like millions of other Americans, you have set a New Year’s resolution to exercise more.  Making the resolution is the easy part, keeping the resolution, not so much.  As a busy healthcare professional, you are working crazy shifts at the hospi
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 3, 2017
Working Tourist: Finding Love in Travel Nursing
Tremayne Jackson, or T.J. to everyone he meets, has been a travel nurse since 2010.  Before becoming a nurse, TJ was a Paramedic and now is an accomplished trauma nurse in the Emergency Room.  When asked about why he started traveling, he says originally
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 29, 2016
Eight Crazy Things About Being a Nurse During the Holidays
Once upon a time in 2002, an animated holiday musical called “Eight Crazy Nights” was released.  The movie, co-written by and starring Adam Sandler, took a humorous look at the gift-giving differences between Chanukah and Christmas.  One of the musical nu
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 28, 2016
Physical Therapy ICD-10 Changes for 2017
While the rest of us celebrate the incoming New Year, many Physical Therapy professionals will admittedly be viewing the calendar change with some trepidation.  The reason for the unease are the new ICD-10 codes and guidelines that take effect on January 1, 2017.  Most providers have been fully immersed in coding over the previous 12 months as the grace period for ICD-10 flexibility ended on October 1st. 
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 27, 2016
Five Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve
As a traveling healthcare professional you have a lot of options available for assignments.  Having control over where and when you are going to be working is a powerful thing and should always be used to your personal advantage.  While it may be too late
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 22, 2016
2016: Healthcare News Year in Review
As 2016 winds to a close and before we welcome in the New Year, 2017, it is an appropriate time to reflect on the major news stories, advancements, and trends that occurred throughout the year.  From major news stories about runaway viruses to technologic
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 21, 2016
12 Perks of Being a Healthcare Professional
Since it is that time of year where we are firmly in the midst of the “12 Days of Christmas”, let’s examine another list of twelve.  We all have something to be thankful for, and your career as a healthcare professional is no doubt very rewarding.  We hop
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 20, 2016
Shingles All the Way
“Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh, o’er the fields we go, laughing all the way…” Chances are that you recognize these merry lyrics from one of our most iconic Christmas carols.  In fact, just humming the song can brighten up anyone’s d
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 15, 2016
Holiday Gift Guide to Inspire Children to be Healthcare Professionals
Does your child want to grow up to be just like Mommy or Daddy and work as a healthcare professional?  Would you like to inspire your child to work in a healthcare field?  If either of these statements rings true for you or someone you know, then this is
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 14, 2016
5 Ways to Make the Most of Being "Home Alone" During the Holidays
Many travel nurses will find themselves on assignment far from home this holiday season, but it doesn’t need to be a source of dread.  In fact, travel assignments through the holiday season can be an exciting and rewarding experience, and if you plan for
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 13, 2016
Nursing is a Wonderful Life
Often it’s difficult to notice the actions of those that touch our lives the most, especially during the hustle and bustle that happens during the holidays. While the rest of us are celebrating the season at home with family and friends, there are many nu
By Katie Dashiell Dec 8, 2016
10 Great Gift Ideas for Healthcare Professionals
Do you have a special nurse or therapist in your life?  At this time of year are you racking your brains trying to come up with the perfect holiday gift idea?  Rack no more for in the precious time-saving space below; we list the best gifts you can get for your favorite healthcare professional without breaking your bank.  Read on and then start shopping!
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 7, 2016
Top Ten Towns for Holiday Celebrations
It is that wondrous time of year when holiday shoppers are rushing home with armloads of packages.  The air is filled with aromas of hot chocolate, roasted chestnuts and the sounds of carolers reveling in the season.  And everywhere you look, your eyes ar
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 6, 2016
Ten Ways to Avoid Being a Scrooge When You Work on Christmas
Does the thought of having to work a 12-hour shift on Christmas turn you into a Scrooge?  For many nurses and healthcare professionals around the country, missing out on old family traditions around the holidays brings on a bad case of “Scrooge-itis.”  Of
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 1, 2016
How Safe Are Personal Health Records?
Way back in 1996, when Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or better known as HIPAA, consumers believed that they could rest easier knowing that their personal health information and medical records were going to be pro
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 30, 2016
Planning Your Next Historical Assignment
It is not only ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ and our nation’s fifth-largest city, but Philadelphia is also the perfect place for your next travel assignment.  Spending 13-weeks in this city, so steeped in history, is a cultural experience that you will not
By Sue Hoch Nov 29, 2016
Twelve Ways Patients Give Back to Their Caregivers
During this season of singing about twelve days of gifts from our true love, let’s explore “twelve ways” our patients give back to nurses, therapists, and caregivers.  Instead of partridges in a pear tree, turtle doves, or golden rings, we will focus on w
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 24, 2016
Working Tourist: On the Road in Carolina
Martha Gillich has been a Registered Nurse for 24 years, working in the ER, Labor and Delivery, and even the Dialysis Unit.  Thirteen years ago, her family commitments required her to find a nursing position that allowed for greater scheduling flexibility
By Sue Hoch Nov 23, 2016
The Cost Benefits of Implementing Evidence-Based Practice
Evidence-Based Medicine or EBM is more than just a promising future for healthcare education. Recent research into EBM has shown that implementation at hospitals can lower costs, and potentially lead to an affordable future for patients, doctors, and hospitals across the country.
By Katie McBeth Nov 22, 2016
It's Potluck Season!
It’s potluck season! Which is great for getting a delicious meal at work but can wreak havoc on your diet. If you’ve signed up to bring a dish, bringing something on the healthier side of the scale can be a bit of a challenge. Many classic holiday recipes
By Patrick Haire Nov 16, 2016
Travel Nursing: The Cure for Whatever Ails You
“I have always had ‘itchy feet,' so to speak,” claims Garrett Curtis, a Travel RN. “Fortunately, my personal situation allows me to be as nomadic as possible, so I started traveling to get out there while I am young and still can!”
By Sue Hoch Nov 15, 2016
Are You Ready for the “Super Moon”?
“I see the bad moon arising, I see trouble on the way” ~ John Fogerty, 1969 The song, “Bad Moon Rising” was written in 1969, by John Fogerty, the leader of southern rockers Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Even though the song reached number two on the cha
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 14, 2016
Medical Care at our First Thanksgiving
There is no questioning the fact that the first settlers were a hardy bunch.  In fact, only two doctors sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower, Miles Standish, and Dr. Samuel Fuller.  Standish not only commanded the Mayflower, but his medical b
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 10, 2016
Debunking the Myths of Working in Hospice Care
The number of patients receiving Hospice Care services has grown steadily over the past twenty years.  Now, an almost $20 billion industry, hospice is expected to continue growing by 7.5% annually due to the aging U.S. population and patient preferences t
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 9, 2016
7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Job Fair
The demand for healthcare professionals remains high, and one of the best ways to get yourself out in front of as many employers as possible is through a visit to a local job fair or tradeshow.  Where else will you have the opportunity to proactively reac
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 8, 2016
5 Reasons Why Travel Nurses Are In Demand This Holiday Season
Now that our calendar has flipped to November, everyone’s thoughts have turned to the upcoming holiday season, unless you work for Human Resources in a hospital.  HR personnel are focused on staffing up for the coming holiday season and not the holiday’s
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 3, 2016
Benefits of Working in Home Health Care
For clinicians feeling exhausted by long shifts at the hospital and lacking substantial face time with patients and their families, home health care offers many benefits. Not only is it a rewarding career option for both nurses and therapists, but it is a
By Katie Dashiell Nov 2, 2016
Are Nurses at Greater Risk for Diabetes?
Each November, the American Diabetes Association puts forth a month-long effort to focus our nation’s attention on diabetes, the disease that impacts more than 29 million Americans.  The purpose of American Diabetes Month® is to offer education, awareness
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 1, 2016
Going Home on Your Next Travel Assignment
“How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home.”  ~ William Faulkner This quote from Faulkner illustrates a familiar feeling that many of us have as we have grown up, gone off to college, and settled in a place different from whe
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 27, 2016
Capturing Nature and Setting Yourself Free
In this space over the past few months, we have presented you with ways to relax and destress by participating in simple, low or no-cost activities.  Now that autumn is upon us, and the leaves are starting to change in many areas of the land, we felt it w
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 26, 2016
What’s Next for Physical Therapy Patients?
We’ve all read the news stories touting the benefits of physical therapy across the entire continuum of care.  Physical Therapy interventions are now being studied as a pain management alternative in the fight against opioid addiction, and even the burgeo
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 25, 2016
What a Recruiter Can Do for Healthcare Professionals
The job search can be exhausting. Long applications, delayed responses, and little guidance along the way can leave anyone feeling lost in the shuffle. With some of the busiest schedules, healthcare professionals can seriously benefit from some assistance
By Katie Dashiell Oct 24, 2016
New Treatments and Technology in Physical Therapy
A Physical Therapy practice is no different than any other health care provider when it comes to introducing new technologies and treatments.  Technology and research are opening up windows to new ideas and potential treatment options for everything from
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 20, 2016
3 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Halloween at Work
Halloween is rapidly approaching and children across the country are looking forward to trick or treating. Some of those children will be spending Halloween in a hospital receiving treatment. Luckily, patient care heroes like yourself can bring the fun to
By Patrick Haire Oct 19, 2016
ICD-10: One Year Later
A little more than one year ago, we published an article in this space about the health care industry’s readiness for ICD-10. The International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10) went live on October 1, 2015, after several years of being
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 18, 2016
Working Tourist: Enjoying the Journey
Kimiko Williams, PT/DPT was born and raised in Louisiana and will always consider herself to be a southern girl at heart.    She graduated from Dillard University in New Orleans and earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Nova Southeastern in Fort Lau
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 17, 2016
Polishing Your Physical Therapist Resume
Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned physical therapy professional, it is always a good idea to create and maintain a clear, concise record of your skills and accomplishments.  Resumes for different careers typically require different resume formats. In this article, we will review some methods that you can use to have your resume stand out from the competition. 
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 13, 2016
Latest Trends in Physical Therapy
As is the case with most healthcare careers, Physical Therapy is experiencing rapid growth and an increasingly diverse range of career opportunities.  With the month of October being an annual month of recognition for those in the Physical Therapy field,
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 12, 2016
5 Spooky Places to Visit on Your Next Assignment
Moving to a new city for a new job can be a scary thing. For Travel Nurses and Therapists, it’s part of the fun. For travelers looking for a good scare on their next assignment, there are plenty of spooky places for you to check out.
By Patrick Haire Oct 11, 2016
4 Ways to Spot the Child of a Physical Therapist
Last month we presented an article about “10 Ways to Spot the Child of a Nurse” and in honor of National Physical Therapy Month, we decided to share a few ways that you can spot the child of a Physical Therapist.  Let’s go back to the playground to see wh
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 6, 2016
What You Can Do to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness
If you are a fan of the National Football League, throughout the month of October, you will see the players wearing a variety of pink accessories with their typical uniforms.  From gloves to socks, and even spikes, pink will be the color of the month.  Wh
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 5, 2016
#ChoosePT is the Theme of National Physical Therapy Month 2016
Each year for National PT Month the APTA decides on a public awareness campaign to highlight one aspect of physical therapy.  The theme of National PT Month for 2016 is #ChoosePT and was chosen to raise awareness of the role that physical therapy can play
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 4, 2016
Physical Therapists are the Face of Caring
For 24 years, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has designated the month of October as National Physical Therapy Month, an annual opportunity to recognize the many talented and dedicated physical therapists across the country and to celebrate the benefits of physical therapy.
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 4, 2016
Working Tourist: Making Up for Lost Time
Judy Solar has been a Labor & Delivery nurse for 32 years and in that time has helped a lot of moms and dads bring their newest family member into the world.  For several years now, Judy had been contemplating making a change and joining the world of trav
By Sue Hoch Sep 29, 2016
Medicare Not Impacted by Current ACA Upheaval
In the news lately, most of the coverage has been dominated by the upcoming presidential election. However, there has also been significant news breaking about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for 2017.  The most recent news was that United Healthcare (UHC)
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 28, 2016
What to Do If You Have a Latex Allergy
The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that as many as 12% of healthcare workers are allergic to or have sensitivities to latex.  Nurses and others in a clinical setting with these allergies may have adverse reactions ranging fro
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 27, 2016
Find Yourself in the Pacific Northwest
If you have never traveled to the State of Washington, you are missing out on one of our nation’s most beautiful states.  From the coast of the Pacific Ocean, up north to the Puget Sound with its islands, fjords, and bays carved from glaciers.  Inland, th
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 22, 2016
Taking a Look at the State of Evidence-based Medicine
Originally established in the 1970’s, the first published paper coining “Evidence-based Medicine” (EBM)  appeared in 1990.  In its simplest form, Evidence-based Medicine is the utilization of the current, best evidence and statistical analysis in making d
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 20, 2016
Clinical Magnet Joins HRO Today's Baker’s Dozen Second Year in a Row
PARK CITY, UTAH (Sept. 16, 2016) – Clinical Magnet, the only exclusive healthcare RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) provider in the United States and member of the national Supplemental Health Care family, today announced its inclusion in HRO Today’s Bakers Dozen as the #5 ranked company on the top five Healthcare RPO providers list for the second year in a row.
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 16, 2016
Setting Off in an RV On Your Next Travel Assignment
Did you know that there is a pretty exclusive group of travel nurses and therapists that bring their home with them on assignments, instead of moving from apartment to apartment?  Some working tourists choose to travel in an RV when going on assignment. 
By Sue Hoch Sep 15, 2016
10 Ways to Spot the Child of a Nurse
Have you ever been to the park, the playground, or a birthday party and you find yourself trying to figure out the occupations of the parents of the kids who are running around and playing?  If you have ever found yourself in a gaggle of children, you can
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 14, 2016
Presidential Campaign Impact on Healthcare: An Update
Back in June, we examined the healthcare proposals from the presumptive nominees of the Democrat and Republican Party.  Now that the nominating conventions have ended, and the presidential campaign is entering its final 60 days, let’s revisit the proposals of each of the major party candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and also include a brief look at the two minor party candidates, Dr. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.   Note: The candidates are not being listed in any order of preference,..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 13, 2016
Make Your Island Dreams Come True
The chances are quite good that when you were deciding whether or not you wanted to become a travel nurse, you entertained visions of one day taking an assignment in Hawaii.  After all, Hawaii is annually ranked as one of the top travel destinations in th
By Sue Hoch Sep 8, 2016
Why Nurses Should Get the Flu Shot
Don’t look now, but cold and flu season is just around the corner.  During the months of August and September, the private manufacturers of the annual influenza vaccine are shipping supplies out to thousands of locations around the country.  An important
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 7, 2016
Healthy Aging Tips for Baby Boomers
September is Healthy Aging® Month and no American generation is more in tune with that fact than our “Baby Boomers”.  The Baby Boomer generation references people born between 1946 and 1964, with the first boomers now reaching their 70th birthday.  In the
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 6, 2016
Healthy Aging for Healthcare Workers
For the past two decades, the month of September has been recognized as Healthy Aging® Month to promote the positive aspects of growing older.  Aimed at adults, 45 years of age and older, Healthy Aging Month events are centered around inspiring people to
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 1, 2016
Perfect Travel Assignments for Winter – Part 2
In Part 1 of our series on Perfect Travel Assignments for Winter, we explored several great states for those who love winter sports, snow, and all that goes along with it.  In Part 2, let’s examine some great travel assignment locations for those who want
By Sue Hoch Aug 31, 2016
Perfect Travel Assignments for Winter – Part 1
If you are like many of us, you’ve had about enough of one of the hottest summers on record.  Sure, the beaches and picnics were great, but trying to find your golf ball on the brownish fairway is getting old.  Right about now, you are itching to get out
By Sue Hoch Aug 30, 2016
Tips for Reigniting Your Nursing Career
Are you at a point in your nursing career where you feel like you are on a treadmill?  While you are still passionate about providing care to your patients, have you lost some of the passion that brought you to the profession in the first place?  If so, t
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 25, 2016
Finding Your Zen Through Hiking
If you are like me, getting your exercise by slogging away on your treadmill can get pretty boring after a while.  And while you enjoy the mental and physical benefits of your bi-weekly yoga class, you sometimes feel the need to change up the routine.  If
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 24, 2016
How the Digitization of Healthcare Will Impact You
Just about every industry imaginable has been impacted by the rapid advancement of technology over the past few decades.  The Healthcare industry is no exception, although it has been a bit slower to embrace the digital revolution than others.  The marria
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 23, 2016
Tips for Choosing the Right Travel Assignment
As with any career, the more experience you have, the easier it is to make decisions about what your next steps should be.  In your career as a travel healthcare professional, you are in the fortunate position of being able to choose your assignments based on your personal goals and career objectives.  There aren’t many careers that allow a person to select a new assignment every thirteen weeks.  If you are relatively new to this travel career, there are some things to keep in mind to help you..
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 18, 2016
The Call of the Big Apple
Do you hear that sound? If you listen hard enough, you can hear the call of the Big Apple telling you it’s time to plan your next travel assignment in one of the five boroughs that make up this grand city.  There are many opportunities currently available
By Sue Hoch Aug 17, 2016
Current Status of Electronic Health Records
In April 2014, this space published an article questioning whether negative factors in Electronic Health Records Systems were outweighing the intended benefits. Now, more than two years later, it is time to revisit the status of Electronic Health Record (
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 16, 2016
It’s Time for a Florida Travel Assignment
Are you starting to fret about summer coming to an end?  Does a chill run down your spine at the thought of autumn leaves and early snow?  If this sounds like you, then it’s time to plan your next assignment in the Sunshine State.  Currently, there are a
By Sue Hoch Aug 11, 2016
Latest Updates on Zika Virus
In June, we published an article outlining The Straight Facts About Zika Virus.  With news reports of the virus’ spread, it is time to revisit the issue and provide you with the latest updates on Zika.  As of August 3rd, the CDC is reporting that there ar
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 10, 2016
Surprising Benefits of Rock Climbing
As a travel nurse or therapist, you have plenty of choices when selecting your next assignment destination. For the thirteen weeks that you are a “working tourist”, there will be new restaurants to discover, art galleries to explore, beaches to enjoy, an
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 9, 2016
Did You Know It’s Family Fun Month?
Don’t get too excited, but your kid’s summer break is almost over, and they will be back to school in a few short weeks.  We know, you can hardly wait to get back to the normal routine!  Something you may not know is that August is Family Fun Month. Celeb
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 4, 2016
Benefits of Working in a School Setting
Since the late 1800’s, nurses have worked in school settings.  From the earliest days, their primary responsibility was inspecting and identifying students with communicable diseases, however, over the last century that role has changed dramatically.  Tod
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 3, 2016
August is National Immunization Awareness Month
National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is a month-long observance, beginning August 1st, and highlights the importance of vaccinations throughout one’s lifespan.  NIAM events are an opportunity to showcase the positive effects of immunization and en
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 2, 2016
Best Ways To De-Stress: Kayaking
As a healthcare professional, we know you are busy, busy, busy.  Working long shifts and odd hours can take its toll on you both physically and mentally.  An important fact to keep in mind is that it is just as important to take care of yourself as it is
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 28, 2016
California Dreaming: Plan Your Next Assignment in the Golden State
The famous Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), also known as State Route 1, is a north-south gem that traverses much of the Pacific Coastline in California.  From Orange County, just south of Los Angeles all the way to Mendocino County, well north of San Francis
By Sue Hoch Jul 27, 2016
7 Tips for Dealing with the Heat
We are in the midst of one of the hottest summers on record here in the United States. As a medical professional, you typically work in an air-conditioned environment, but what about when you are at home with your children and pets. For those of us that
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 26, 2016
Saving Money During Your Travel Assignments
There are many reasons why you love traveling.  The benefits include being able to choose when and where you work, visiting great cities all over the country, meeting new friends that you may never have had the opportunity to meet if you weren’
By Sue Hoch Jul 21, 2016
4 Ways For Nurses To Keep Their Feet Fresh
Most Americans work a standard 8-hour shift, while nursing professionals typically work 10- to 12-hour shifts.  Twelve hours is a long time for someone who spends the majority of the time on their feet.  Long hours and a lot of walking certainly take a to
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 20, 2016
How Will Robotics Impact Jobs in the Healthcare Industry
Alarmists have predicted that nearly 50% of all jobs will be lost to automation and robotics in the coming decades.  While it is true that robotics will have some measure of impact on jobs across all sectors, including healthcare, analysts are publishing
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 19, 2016
Nurses Role in the Opioid Epidemic
The raw numbers are staggering.  Each day, 78 Americans die from an opioid overdose.  Heroin-related overdose deaths have more than tripled in the past six years, with a 39% increase between 2012 and 2013 alone. 
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 14, 2016
Do Yourself a Favor This EBDMW
The month of July is filled with a series of national observance days ranging from the serious to silly to sublime.  The week of July 11th through July 16th is especially busy with observances for Blueberry Muffin Day, Pecan Pie Day, French Fry Day, I Lov
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 13, 2016
Keys to Keeping Your Licensing in Order
Every time you hit the road on your way to another Travel Nurse assignment, you are headed for a new adventure, new friends, and new learning opportunities.  One way to ensure that you are always ready for new assignments is to know the licensing requirements of the places you want to travel and to keep your licensures and certifications current.  Because the legislative process moves at glacier-like speeds, the United States has yet to create a “national” license that would be authorized in..
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 12, 2016
5 Tips For Your First Travel Assignment
For travel nurses and therapists the initial excitement at landing your first assignment is quickly followed by an exclamation of, “Now What?”  Successful first-time travel assignments can be a door opening to an exciting, adventure-filled career as a wor
By Sue Hoch Jul 7, 2016
4 Top Phone Interview Tips for Nurses
The job market for nursing professionals continues to be as hot as our summer weather has been.  Recruiters and hiring managers have many open jobs available and are receiving an equally large number of applicants.  This trend has led to some changes to i
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 6, 2016
Travel Destination Highlight: Wisconsin
Wisconsin might not be the first place you think of when considering your next travel assignment. Here are a few reasons why it should be. The biggest reason is that it is an outdoor lover’s dream. Wisconsin has a vast amount and variety of natural beauty including being surrounded by Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the Mississippi River. To say there are many exceptional fishing opportunities is an understatement. There are also hiking and biking trails, water parks, and outdoor festivals...
By Sue Hoch Jul 5, 2016
How the 2016 Presidential Election Will Impact Healthcare
The 2016 presidential election is still over five months away, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t dominating the 24-hour news cycle.  For simplicity sake, we are going to examine the positions of the two presumptive nominees for the Democrat and Republican Pa
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 30, 2016
Traveler Profile: Managing the Bucket List
Justin Canterberry has spent most of his nursing career in the ICU.  Before becoming a travel nurse, he worked in a hospital for six days on and eight days off.  Having the eight days off in a row, gave him an opportunity to travel a little bit and help o
By Sue Hoch Jun 29, 2016
Top Networking Tips for Healthcare Professionals
One very powerful way to advance your career, but is often overlooked, are the beneficial aspects of networking.  Even if you have the greatest job in the world and have no plans of seeking out new opportunities, it is always a good idea to spend time gro
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 28, 2016
Supplemental Health Care Names Ms. Lesa Francis as President and Chief Executive Officer
PARK CITY, UTAH (June 27, 2016) --- Supplemental Health Care, a portfolio company of The Vistria Group and a leading provider of healthcare workforce solutions, announced the appointment of Lesa Francis as President and Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Francis has extensive experience and success in staffing, most recently serving as President and Chief Executive Officer of Staffmark, a role she assumed in 2011. Ms. Francis has also been named by Glassdoor as one of the highest rated CEOs..
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 27, 2016
Nurses Role in Skin Cancer Prevention
Thus far, the spring and early summer of 2016 have been hot; we’ve had a steady dose of sun and higher temperatures across much of North America.  Weather patterns like this are a perfect reminder of the dangers of excessive exposure to the sun and skin c
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 23, 2016
Disaster Preparedness: How Nurses Can Stay Prepared
In every 24-hour news cycle, there is typically one or more stories about a man-made or natural disaster occurring somewhere within the United States. These disasters can include any number of victims from 5 to 10 to 50 or more and as a medical professio
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 22, 2016
A Working Tourist's Guide to Boston
History buffs are well aware of the charms to be found in Boston, Mass, but you might be surprised at just how much there is to do and enjoy in one of the oldest cities in the United States.  By all means, while you are on assignment in Boston, take the t
By Sue Hoch Jun 21, 2016
Straight Facts About Zika Virus
As concern over Zika virus grows, it is important to sort out the growing amount of misinformation and false information about the outbreak.  The following are the straight facts about Zika virus culled directly from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 16, 2016
How to Spot a Nurse on Vacation
Now that summer has finally arrived, people from every corner of America are venturing out on their annual family vacation.  Whether out on the road, at the beach, amusement park, or camping grounds, vacationers are going to cross paths with dozens of peo
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 15, 2016
Get to Know America's Kindred Cities
The United States is a wonderfully vast and diverse nation. From sea to shining sea no two cities are exactly alike. That can make choosing your next travel destination intimidating. There are questions that need to be answered like, what if you don’t lik
By Sue Hoch Jun 14, 2016
How Do School-based Therapists and Nurses Spend Their Summer
While some school systems around the country hold classes year-round, most conduct a September through mid-June curriculum.  For our school-based therapists and nurses, that leaves them with a decision to make each summer.  Many of them choose to take the
By Keiley Giboney Jun 8, 2016
Easy to Cook Meals
There never seems to be enough time for everything, so finding a way to save time with everyday activities can make a huge impact. We put together a list of delicious and quick meal suggestions for one person, two people, and whole families.
By Patrick Haire Jun 7, 2016
Traveler Profile: Collecting Friendships Along the Way
Barbara Roth was born and raised in California and is a self-described “city girl”.  She never had many opportunities to travel during her childhood, but while she was in grad school at Boston University, she was bitten by the travel bug and has never loo
By Sue Hoch Jun 3, 2016
6 Reasons Men Avoid the Doctor
We get it; men are supposed to be tough.  Men are wired to be the fixers of problems and pain is “only temporary”.  While more fiction than fact, those statements do have some truth to them, but what about when it comes to healthcare.  Surveys show that m
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 2, 2016
6 Tips for Finding Housing on Your Next Travel Assignment
Congratulations, you just landed a great new travel assignment in a city you have always dreamed of visiting.  We get it, you’re really excited about the next 13 weeks, but what are you going to do about housing?  For most travel nurses and travel therapists, the housing decision is the most important consideration once an assignment has been confirmed.  Here at Supplemental Health Care, there are teams of travel professionals ready to help you make housing arrangements that suit your needs. ..
By Sue Hoch Jun 1, 2016
Resume Tips for Therapy Professionals
As the job market for Physical, Occupational, and Speech-Language Therapists continue to boom, it is a great time to spend a few moments and update your resume.  For therapy professionals, the coming years will be filled with opportunities, but that is not to say that you can make that next career move without putting some time and effort into documenting your skills and experiences.
By Supplemental Health Care May 26, 2016
Best Summer Festivals to Guide Your Next Assignment
As a travel nurse or therapist, you are one of the lucky few who get to decide when and where you want to work.  This summer, take advantage of your “working tourist” status and plan your next assignment around a great festival.  Whether you are into Art, Wine, Music, Beer or Barbecue, there is a fantastic summer festival that you can enjoy while out on assignment.  Let’s take a look at a few of the best America has to offer.
By Sue Hoch May 23, 2016
The Latest Technology for SLP Professionals
May is Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM).  An annual series of events designated to raising awareness about communication disorders and highlighting the Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) and Audiologist professionals who are dedicated to providing treatment.  The theme for 2016 is “Communication Takes Care”, with the focus being how today’s personal technology and its overuse can be harmful to the long-term development of communication skills.
By Supplemental Health Care May 16, 2016
How Hospitals are Benefiting by Using Travel Nurse Staffing
The perfect storm could be predicted from the outset of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) being signed into law in 2010.  The healthcare industry was soon to be inundated with millions of Americans who never had or were currently without health insurance along with many other impacts of the ACA.  The predictable result was that health care providers were now dealing with more patients, maintaining ACA recommended staffing ratios, and managing new forms of Health Information Technology.  In addition..
By Supplemental Health Care May 12, 2016
5 Nursing Technologies Improving Patient Care
In the past, part of the appeal for science fiction movies was imagining how life would be if some of the wondrous technologies being portrayed on the big screen became a reality.  Today, if we sat down and watched some of those science fiction movies from the 1970’s, we would probably chuckle at the technologies that we thought were unattainable back then. 
By Supplemental Health Care May 11, 2016
Current Trends in Nursing 2016
As the nation celebrates Nurses Week 2016, let’s take a look at a few of the trends that will continue impacting our nursing professionals who are working on the frontlines of healthcare.  While it is clear that the healthcare industry, in general, will continue its evolution throughout the rest of this decade and beyond, one could also say that nurses bear the most weight of this changing landscape.  Demand for services continue to rise, more states will move toward mandatory nurse-to-patient..
By Supplemental Health Care May 10, 2016
National Nurses Week 2016
In 1990, the American Nurses Association (ANA) expanded the annual recognition of those in the Nursing profession, into a week-long event.  National Nurses Week 2016 is May 6th through May 12th. 
By Supplemental Health Care May 6, 2016
Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Trends for 2016
As we spend the month of May recognizing our nation’s Speech and Hearing professionals during Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM), let’s briefly examine a few of the trends that will be shaping this discipline for the near future.
By Supplemental Health Care May 4, 2016
May is Better Hearing and Speech Month
For the past 75 years, the month of May has been filled with recognition, awareness events, and a big general thank you to those who work as Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP’s) and Audiologists.  Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) is dedicated to the professionals whose career is spent preventing, identifying, and treating communication impairments
By Supplemental Health Care May 2, 2016
Tips for Taking Your Pet on Your Next Travel Assignment
You already have the greatest job in the world.  As a Travel Nurse or Travel Therapist, you get to choose your assignments in parts of the country that you have always wanted to visit.  You have worked in some of the most exciting and vibrant cities the U.S. has to offer and explored scenic parks and natural wonders from coast to coast.  How could it possibly get better?  Well, just imagine having your best friend along for the ride!
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 29, 2016
Cool Dining Options in Hot Travel Destinations
If you are a travel nurse or therapist, or considering being a travel nurse or therapist, and you’re not sure where you want your next assignment to be, don’t fret. We’ve compiled this list of fun places to eat in cities that have plenty of job opportunities available to help you make a decision. Dining at these cool, quirky, and quality establishment will certainly improve your travel experience.
By Patrick Haire Apr 27, 2016
Top Traits for Good Bedside Manner
As today’s healthcare facilities are placing a greater emphasis on cultivating a patient-centered experience to drive positive patient satisfaction levels, more time and training is being spent on bedside manner.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 25, 2016
Immunization Awareness
Every year, since 1994, an effort has taken place throughout the United States to raise awareness about the critical role that immunization programs play in protecting infants from vaccine-preventable diseases. 
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 20, 2016
Resume Tips for Landing Your Perfect Nursing Job
A common misconception for today’s healthcare professionals is that their resume has become an afterthought in a successful job search.  While it is true that today’s nursing professionals are in greater demand than ever before, it is not realistic to believe that you can land YOUR perfect job without putting the necessary effort into your resume.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 18, 2016
Do Your Job’s Benefits Match Your Lifestyle and Workstyle?
We recently covered the importance of finding the right job that fits your career goals and your values. Now that you know what type of job matches your lifestyle and workstyle, what about the benefits?
By Ashley Bowlin Apr 14, 2016
Traveler Profile: Spread Your Wings
People that know her describe Karen King as the “life of the party” and someone who will turn anyone’s frown upside down!  A little over two years ago, Karen had the opportunity to begin travel nursing.  She had always thought it would be something she wanted to do but wasn’t ready to take the plunge.
By Sue Hoch Apr 13, 2016
World Health Day 2016: Talking About Diabetes With Your Patients
The World Health Organization has declared April 7th, World Health Day with this year’s focus on halting the worldwide Diabetes epidemic.  This call for action on diabetes is an effort to educate and highlight the need for nations around the world to increase efforts to prevent and treat the disease. 
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 7, 2016
Are You Making the Most of Your Career Options?
For healthcare professionals, there is typically no shortage of career opportunities.  Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience, the healthcare industry is brimming with new challenges, career options, and often difficult decisions to make. 
By Ashley Bowlin Apr 6, 2016
Occupational Therapy Trends for 2016
Consistently ranked near the top of the listings of best jobs in healthcare, Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTAs) have a career with a very bright future.  As people are working well into their 60’s and the baby boomer generation ages, therapies that help individuals maintain their independence, recover from ailments and improve the quality of life will remain in high demand.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 5, 2016
April is National Occupational Therapy Month
Each year, the month of April is spent highlighting the efforts of our nation’s more than 115,000 Occupational Therapists (OTs), and 42,000 OT Assistants and Aides (COTAs). In 1980 National Occupational Therapy Month was started by the American Occupational Therapy Association, to coincide with their Annual Conference for OTs and OT-related vendors.
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 4, 2016
The Affordable Care Act: What to Expect in 2016
Since being signed into law in 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been slowly phased in towards full implementation.  While full implementation of the law is still a few years away, this calendar year, 2016, is critical regarding the financial impacts of the sweeping health care law.  Let’s review what to expect from the ACA in 2016.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 31, 2016
2016 Trends in Healthcare
Four months into the new year it is increasingly apparent that 2016 will be a big year for change in the healthcare industry.  From the unknowns presented by the upcoming presidential election to ongoing debates about the costs of the Affordable Care Act to changes on the business side of patient care, we are in for an interesting and challenging year.  While it seems that every year in the healthcare industry is one filled with changing landscapes and hot, new topics and trends, let’s take a..
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 24, 2016
How the St. Louis Public School System Successfully Partnered with Supplemental Health Care
School systems throughout the United States are being asked to do more with less as budgets get tighter and their resources are stretched to the limits.  One of the biggest challenges for school administrators today is providing the therapy and nursing services necessary to support their student population.
By Keiley Giboney Mar 22, 2016
Top 5 Benefits for Travel Therapists
When most people talk about travel jobs for healthcare workers, they are referring to Travel Nursing.  In fact, Nursing specialties do make up the majority of healthcare workers who travel, but there are plenty of opportunities for Physical and Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, and other Allied Professionals who want to be a working tourist.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 16, 2016
7 Apps for Healthcare Professionals
You probably already use apps on your phone to enhance your personal life every day. They are useful for anything from checking the weather to keeping in touch with relatives across the country. Apps can also enhance your professional life. You can carry a library’s worth of information in your pocket and keep up to date with medical news.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 9, 2016
Helping School Districts Meet Special Education Demands
It is anticipated that nearly six million school-age children will rely on therapy services and special education programs this upcoming school year.  As Supplemental Health Care’s partnership with school programs continue to grow, we are proud to announce the expansion of our Schools Division and the appointment of Keiley Giboney to Division Vice President of Schools.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 8, 2016
A Parent's Guide to Brain Injuries in Youth Sports
March is nationally recognized as Brain Injury Awareness Month providing a platform for educating people about the frequency and dangers of brain injuries.  Each year, more than 3.5 million children and adults sustain brain injuries.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 2, 2016
7 Unexpected Perks of Being a Nurse
Some jobs come with perks like a corner office, an on-site fitness center, or the occasional catered lunch. Being a nurse you might not get any of these, but you do have #BetterPerks that no other job can offer. Here are just a few of the many unexpected perks of being a nurse.
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 24, 2016
Best Ways to Talk to Your Patients about Heart Health
One out of every three deaths in the United States can be attributed to heart disease and stroke, adding up to nearly 2,200 deaths per day.  Since 1964, February has been designated as American Heart Month in a nationwide effort to raise awareness and focus on making lifestyle changes to prevent heart disease.  As healthcare providers, and in honor of American Heart Month, let’s take a look at the best ways to talk to your patients about heart health.
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 17, 2016
Top 5 Romantic Cities for Travelers
During this Valentine season of love and romance, the perfect opportunity is presented to take a look at some of the most romantic cities in the United States. Use this list to plan your next travel assignment and explore all of the romance these destinations have to offer.
By Patrick Haire Feb 16, 2016
Tax Season Tips for Travelers
The yearly grind of preparing your taxes is a nightmare for most Americans, for healthcare travelers, it helps to do some homework. While most experts recommend that individuals with unique tax situations should seek help from a qualified tax professional, many people feel more comfortable preparing their own returns.
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 15, 2016
Traveler Profile: Growing Beyond Your Comfort Zone
For twelve years, Shamberly Guthrie worked in the same hospital and the same Operating Rooms, doing the same routine. Finally, in October 2013, she decided she needed a challenge in her career. While bored with the routine, Shamberly loved her work in the O.R., so she began to research Travel Nursing.
By Sue Hoch Feb 14, 2016
The Vistria Group Completes Acquisition Of Supplemental Health Care
PARK CITY, UTAH (February 11, 2016) /PRNewswire/ -- Supplemental Health Care announced today it has partnered with The Vistria Group, a Chicago-based private investment firm.
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 11, 2016
The Affordable Care Act: Pros and Cons Update for 2016
In this space in 2012, we examined the key pros and cons that were intended when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law.  While supporters of the law projected lower costs, fewer people uninsured, and increased access to healthcare; the results so far may be a little different.  Let’s take a look at what is working and what isn’t for the six-year-old law.
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 10, 2016
Ten Times African Americans Made Healthcare History
Since 1926, February has been recognized as Black History Month, a month-long observance recognizing the countless achievements and contributions to our nation by African Americans. Throughout history, there have been numerous celebrated Black Americans in the Healthcare field. Let’s take a look at just a few of the many:
By Supplemental Health Care Feb 3, 2016
Top 5 Reasons Healthcare Jobs Have Better Perks
When you were making the decision to pursue a career in healthcare, you probably spent a lot of time thinking about the various benefits and perks that come with the job. You may have wanted to make an impact on people’s lives, or you’ve always had an innate desire to help others. Whatever your reasoning was at the time, the healthcare industry has continued to evolve and today the perks are better than ever. Let’s examine the Top 5 Reasons Healthcare Jobs Have Better Perks:
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 27, 2016
Supplemental Health Care, Clinical Magnet Leaders Named As Human Resources Superstars
PARK CITY, UTAH (Jan. 14, 2016) - The top executives at Supplemental Health Care, an industry leading healthcare workforce solutions company, and its subsidiary Clinical Magnet, the only exclusive healthcare recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider in the U.S., have been named 2015 HRO Today Magazine Superstars for demonstrating forward thinking and transformative actions in the field of human resources.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 14, 2016
January is National Blood Donor Month
The month of January is known for resolutions, cold weather throughout much of the country and since 1970, it has been known as National Blood Donor Month (NBDM).
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 13, 2016
Clinical Magnet and HRO Today to Present Research Findings at the People in Health Care Summit
DALLAS, TEXAS (Jan. 12, 2016) – Executives from Clinical Magnet, the industry’s only workforce planning provider exclusively focused on the clinical hiring needs of healthcare organizations, and HRO Today, a leading publisher and producer of events for senior-level human resources executives, will present research findings from an in-depth study examining the effects of hospital staffing on occupancy rates, patient care, satisfaction and wellness programs Thursday at the People in Health Care..
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 12, 2016
The Search for the Perfect Scrubs
The start of the New Year is the perfect time to update your work wardrobe. Unfortunately, for nurses and most other healthcare professionals, this isn’t as simple as going to the mall and picking out a new outfit. Thanks to all the different materials, styles, and accessories, picking out scrubs can be harder than finding parking at the mall on the weekend. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you in your search for the perfect scrubs.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 6, 2016
Take Stock and Plan for 2016
This is the time of year when everyone plans for their New Year’s resolutions. Millions of Americans will vow to lose weight or quit smoking or to spend more time with their parents and loved ones. While it is always a good idea to plan a resolution to be healthier, it is also a great time to create a resolution for your career. Making a New Year’s resolution career-based gives you an opportunity to think about the “big picture.” By stepping back from thinking about the day-to-day, you are..
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 24, 2015
Supplemental Health Care #BestHolidayEver Cookbook
First, we would like to thank everyone that sent us a recipe. So much of the joy that is shared during the holidays happens at the dinner table. It almost doesn’t matter what is being served as long as you’re with loved ones, almost. Here is a small collection of delicious treats straight from the Supplemental Health Care family. Bon appetite!
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 23, 2015
A Look at the Affordable Care Act: 2010 to Today
The United States Government has played a role in our nation’s healthcare since 1965, with the passing of Medicare and Medicaid. In 2010, the role grew even more expansive when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law. The clear intent of the ACA was to reduce the number of uninsured Americans and control the escalating costs of healthcare services.
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 16, 2015
Supplemental Health Care to Help Vaccinate 20,000 Children This Holiday Season
PARK CITY, UTAH (Dec. 2, 2015) – This holiday season Supplemental Health Care, a leading provider of innovative workforce solutions, will give more than 20,000 children around the globe a precious gift – protection against some of the world’s most deadly and crippling diseases. As part of its #BestHolidayEver campaign, Supplemental Health Care will make a major contribution to the efforts of Vaccine Ambassadors, an organization dedicated to providing children with the vaccinations they need to..
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 2, 2015
Making A New Year’s Resolution? Think Continuing Education
As a health care professional, it is critically important to stay on top of continuing education and accreditations to ensure we are at the top of our game. At Supplemental Health Care, we make it easy to plan for and find the course work you need every step of the way.
By Sue Hoch Dec 1, 2015
Best Travel Destinations for the Holiday Season
If you’re looking for a new Travel Assignment this Holiday Season, consider one of these festive destinations. Each city offers something unique and special during this time of year.
By Sue Hoch Dec 1, 2015
Make Your Holidays a Little Merrier
If you find yourself working this holiday season and missing all of your festive traditions, there are a few things that you can do to stave off the holiday blues. In fact, with the right attitude and a little planning,
By Sue Hoch Dec 1, 2015
Traveler Profile: California Dreaming
Lauri and Terry decided that they wanted to explore the West Coast so when a travel nursing assignment became available, they hopped in the car with their dog and headed towards the Bay area.
By Sue Hoch Dec 1, 2015