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Holiday Travelers Can Earn Extra Our Rewards

Earn an extra 15,000 Our Rewards points

With several major holidays fast approaching, did you know you can earn an extra 15,000 Our Rewards points by signing up for a new 13-week contract?  That’s right, an extra 15,000 Our Rewards points in addition to the normal points you earn!  All you have to do is sign up for a full-time, 13-week contract by November 15th, and work Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s weeks.  If you complete the contract with no time missed, and no holiday time-off requests, an additional 15,000 Our Rewards points will be credited to your account the week of January 12, 2014.

Call your recruiter today and get the ball rolling on this great holiday opportunity, then login to your Our Rewards account and start planning that next perfect gift purchase.