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Monthly Healthcare Memberships

Are you willing to incorporate a new line in your monthly budget for healthcare expenses? Take a look at this article to learn more about the growing healthcare membership trend.

We all have those bills we’re accustomed to paying each month, but would you ever consider purchasing a monthly healthcare membership plan?

According to a new article from Fox Business, “Cutting Out Insurance: Monthly Memberships for Health Care,” more Americans are taking this approach to securing the healthcare treatments they need to avoid the rising costs of comprehensive insurance plans.

In the midst of continual rises in healthcare costs for the average American, physicians and patients alike are seeking alternative measures to provide and secure healthcare treatments. As a result, more healthcare providers are implementing a “direct pay” model, where patients pay their medical practices each month rather than using an insurance provider to facilitate this process.
This new approach to healthcare provides mutually beneficial results for both parties involved – medical practices can count on more consistent payments and patients are able to take control over their health treatments by directly choosing what they want to purchase. The services provided through monthly healthcare plans are extensive as they cover routine check-ups and other medical services, as well as offer on-site x-rays or other imaging needs, various discounts on prescriptions and support in managing chronic or long-term illnesses.

As with many up-and-coming ideas, there are constraints to this approach to healthcare delivery. More serious medical treatments are not typically covered in a healthcare membership plan and many providers have not adopted this payment model, thus finding healthcare memberships may be somewhat limited.

While we have yet to see how monthly healthcare memberships will impact the finanical component of healthcare delivery, we are sure to see more programs like these develop to help make healthcare more accessible and affordable for more American citizens.

Take a look at this article from Fox Business and let us know your thoughts about healthcare memberships below in the comment section.

ARTICLE: Cutting Out Insurance: Monthly Memberships for Health Care