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SHC Spotlight: Nurses Dealing With Compassion Fatigue Have Options
Nurses face many challenges on the job and deal with stress caused by a number of factors. Burnout and compassion fatigue existed long before the pandemic but have been exacerbated by the events of the past few years.
By Supplemental Health Care May 10, 2022
How to Become a School Nurse
The pandemic has had a lasting impact on school nurses who were faced with new responsibilities while navigating the pandemic to keep student populations protected. As schools continue to navigate ever-changing guidance for a safe return to school, nurses are more important than ever before.
By Supplemental Health Care Mar 16, 2022
Why You Should Start Travel Nursing This Year
It’s a new year and it may be time to start a new chapter in your nursing career. The past two years have been completely unpredictable. Nurses have experienced situations and scenarios that they may have never before imagined.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 26, 2022
How to Start Traveling as an LPN
Licensed practical nurses are an essential part of the healthcare field that help keep patients healthy and ensure that everything is in order. In addition, this job offers ample opportunities for growth, stability, and even travel. LPNs can become travel nurses, expanding their horizons, and living in new places while gaining new experiences and furthering their careers.
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 29, 2021
Fall Back into Self-Care
As we set our clocks back and approach the last few months of 2021, many people are experiencing burnout, and not just from the pandemic. Some work environments aren’t easy to decompress from at the end of the day or week: especially for healthcare professionals.
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 8, 2021
Career Insights for Radiologic Technologists
With National Radiological Technology Week quickly approaching, it’s time to point the spotlight on the amazing healthcare professionals who work in this industry. Radiologic technologists are a vital part of our healthcare system who deserve this week dedicated to all of the hard work they put in for patients around the world.
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 4, 2021
Top 10 Tips for Home Health Care Professionals
Surprising to no one, the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed our views about work and the workplace. This paradigm shift also fed into the already increasing trends in home health services. Even before 2020, home health care was experiencing tremendous growth.
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 28, 2021
Why Respiratory Therapy is a Great Career Choice
“Take a deep breath.” We’ve all heard this statement uttered just about every time we’ve gone into a doctor’s office, but how often is that simple action taken for granted?
By Supplemental Health Care Oct 20, 2021
Take Your Nursing Career to the Next Level
After over a year of working in the kind of world that you only read about in history books, many nurses have begun to reevaluate their careers. The long hours and incredible stress of a worldwide pandemic have made many consider moving away from bedside nursing or at least looking for a change of scenery.
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 14, 2021
5 Benefits to Fostering Diversity in Healthcare
In healthcare, representation and inclusion are so important. Patient populations are diverse, so care needs to reflect the different backgrounds and experiences of individuals. Diversity amongst providers can also help deliver higher quality care with more understanding and representation. Healthcare systems can also see advancements and better outcomes by promoting diversity with their staffing and patient care.
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 1, 2021
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