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Don’t Miss Out On The Buckeye State
When healthcare professionals decide it is time to check out travel assignments, they often have locations like California, Florida, Hawaii, and other touristy destinations in mind. While assignments in any of those locations are fine, when your focus is narrow, you might miss out on discovering other great states, like Ohio. Known as a Midwestern state, Ohio is home to several large metropolitan cities, world-renowned colleges and universities, and dozens of major U.S. corporations. Let’s take..
By Supplemental Health Care Sep 6, 2018
Take Advantage of Buffalo, New York’s Revival
The city of Buffalo, New York has long been known more for its winter weather and status as a “rust belt’ city than anything else.  Located on Lake Erie, on the western end of New York State, Buffalo would not typically be included as a hot travel destination until now!  Not since people from around the world flocked to the “Queen City” for the Pan-American Exposition in 1901, has Buffalo, New York been lauded for its revitalization and excitement.  In addition to the burgeoning rebirth of the..
By Supplemental Health Care Aug 7, 2018
Plan Your Travel Assignment in the Land of Enchantment
Part of the allure of working as a travel nurse or therapist is having the ability to travel to locations across the United States that you may not ever consider. New Mexico is unquestionably a state that is a hidden gem because it is not on the top of most traveler’s wish list. That fact alone is an unfortunate oversight. New Mexico is referred to as the Land of Enchantment for a reason, not only is the landscape breathtaking, the state is home to incredible Native American and Hispanic..
By Supplemental Health Care Jul 12, 2018
Top Things to do in Arizona
The state of Arizona was an original nurse compact state making their adoption of the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact in January of this year more of a formality than a surprise. Have you ever taken a travel assignment in Arizona? If not, then it is time to tell your recruiter that you are ready to experience “The Grand Canyon State.” During your 13-weeks in Arizona, you will be struck by the natural beauty all around you. Here are five things you should plan on experiencing during your..
By Supplemental Health Care Jun 28, 2018
Oklahoma is an eNLC State. Plan Your Travel Assignment Today!
In January, Oklahoma, a state that was not part of the original compact passed eNLC legislation and is now a compact state. 
By Supplemental Health Care May 29, 2018
Planning Your Assignment in Kentucky
One of the 25 original Nurse Licensure Compact states Kentucky is also participating in the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC). 
By Supplemental Health Care May 23, 2018
Wild and Wonderful West Virginia
In January of this year, enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact legislation was enacted to encourage more states to participate. 
By Supplemental Health Care May 2, 2018
Make Your Next Stop Georgia
In January of this year, Georgia enacted the new enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact making it easier to take advantage of the many travel nursing opportunities throughout the “Peach State.”
By Supplemental Health Care Apr 25, 2018
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