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My SHC Story: Working for a Company that Cares
I’ve been with Supplemental Health Care since March of 2017. After leaving behind a decade long career in customer service, I was nervous that I would regret my decision to transition into healthcare staffing. But I was burned out from my previous work environments and in search of something meaningful. I was hoping I would find that at SHC.
By Jess Carter Jun 13, 2019
My SHC Story: Finding My Voice
I’m from a small town in Alabama. The kind of small town that when people ask you where it is, you try to reference larger towns nearby but no one has heard of those places either. It still takes three dirt roads to get to my childhood home, and the cable company just laughs at you when you ask when high speed internet is coming.
By Alex Acton May 16, 2019
The Season for Giving Thanks
Last year, when I penned my first blog post for Supplemental Health Care, I was fairly new to the organization, but I had a strong sense that I had joined a very special team. Throughout this past year, I have learned so much more about the amazing men and women who work for SHC, that I am compelled to give thanks every day for the work we are doing. And what better time to write about that than in this season of giving thanks.
By Mary B. Lucas Nov 20, 2018
A Veteran's Continued Service
Joe Hurley, a Travel Nursing Division Manager at Supplemental Health Care, has spent much of his adult life serving in the United States Army. He always thought that he would retire from a twenty-year career in the Army, but as is often the case, life intervened, and he left active duty service to take care of his three children. In his last few years of service, Joe had been a successful recruiter, and upon joining Supplemental Health Care’s Travel Nursing recruiting division, he felt like he..
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 13, 2018
Back to School: Student Care is Much More Than Work
Backpacks are filled, bus and class schedules are mailed, and students across the country are beginning to feel the tingle of anticipation for the start of a new school year. Outside of the home, school represents the most influential aspect of a child’s life, and for millions of students, the school nurse and therapy service providers are their key point of contact. School nurses, occupational and speech therapists all play a major role in supporting students with needs, acclimate and thrive..
By Keiley Giboney Aug 28, 2018
Take the Time to Recognize and Celebrate Achievements
I was blessed to have grown up with parents who lived with a “celebrate every chance you get” mentality. 
By Mary B. Lucas Mar 22, 2018
Why It’s Important for an MSP to be Aligned with Your Culture
Today, healthcare organizations are paying closer attention to their organizational culture and branding. This is important for several reasons. One reason is that physician staffing carries great costs when it is not successful. Research shows that hiring the wrong physician can cost a healthcare system $1 million or more in lost revenue, reduced efficiencies, and organizational time. Many unsuccessful hires are due to the candidate not being a good fit culturally. These staffing lessons are..
By Donna Carroll Mar 8, 2018
Why It’s Time for You to Find an MSP Solution
The worst position to be in for any healthcare organization, is when more resources are dedicated to hiring and onboarding than patient care. The healthcare landscape is increasingly difficult to navigate, and administrators are spending too much time worrying about staffing concerns instead of managing legislative, quality, and patient care issues. If this remotely resembles your current situation, now is the time to consider an MSP solution that addresses your specific needs; allowing your..
By Donna Carroll Mar 8, 2018