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Take Advantage of Buffalo, New York’s Revival

Located on Lake Erie, on the western end of New York State, Buffalo would not typically be included as a hot travel destination — until now!

The city of Buffalo, New York has long been known more for its winter weather and status as a “rust belt’ city than anything else.  Located on Lake Erie, on the western end of New York State, Buffalo would not typically be included as a hot travel destination until now!  Not since people from around the world flocked to the “Queen City” for the Pan-American Exposition in 1901, has Buffalo, New York been lauded for its revitalization and excitement.  In addition to the burgeoning rebirth of the downtown area, Buffalo is providing incredible opportunities for healthcare professionals.  Let’s take a brief look at why you should absolutely consider Buffalo for your next travel assignment.

Cutting Edge Medical Campus.  Imagine the opportunities available within a 120-acre consortium of premier health care, research, and medical education institutions dedicated to world-class innovation. The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) was originally conceived as part of a 20-year master plan in 2001, yet was accomplished in 8 years.  The campus is still evolving as a hub for cutting edge cancer and other medical research, several top notch healthcare facilities, and a partnership with the State University of New York resulted in the construction of a new Jacobs School of Medicine.

Taking Advantage of the Waterfront. Other rust belt success stories like Cleveland and Pittsburgh centered on the water.  Buffalo is enviably situated right on the shores of Lake Erie, and much of the downtown revitalization started with taking advantage of the waterfront acreage. Canalside was developed as a destination for people to gather and enjoy being on the water and having access to hundreds of activities for families and adults. From Live Music to heritage festivals to free yoga and fitness activities, something is happening at Canalside year round. In the winter months, a large outdoor skating rink is available next door to the Harbor Center, a facility with multiple hockey rinks and hotel, and the KeyBank Arena where the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres play.

If You Like to Eat, Visit Buffalo.  Foodies have finally discovered that Buffalo has more to offer the palate then chicken wings, although you won’t find better wings anywhere as they were created in 1964, by Teressa Bellissimo of the Anchor Bar.  The city is a melting pot of every culture imaginable, and the food scene reflects that diversity. From world-class steak houses to incredible Italian, Irish, Polish, and Asian cuisines, Buffalo can accommodate anyone’s taste preferences. Hint: While in town, discover a Beef on ‘Weck’ (fresh carved roast beef, served on a Kummelweck bun) and don’t skimp on the horseradish!

Architectural Beauty. At one time, Buffalo was one of the most populous cities in America and its proximity to the great, Niagara Falls led to it being one of the first American cities to have widespread electric lighting. Famous architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, and others created some of their finest building designs in and around the city. Other must-see architectural gems include Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo Central Terminal, and the Dillon Courthouse (recently featured in the major motion picture, “Marshall”)

Niagara Falls. If you are spending any time at all in and around Buffalo, you will want to take the 20-minute drive north to see one of the “wonders of the world.” Niagara Falls is a favorite tourist destination for people on both sides of the U.S. / Canada border. The power and natural beauty of the water cascading more than 165 feet from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. If you are daring, you can hop onto the “Maid of the Mist” for a special boat tour near the base of the Falls.

There is much more to love about the city of Buffalo, including its growing local distillery and craft brewery scene, Broadway-level theater, and thriving Art scene.  One of the easiest ways to describe the area is surprising.  Visitors are surprised by the new attitude and community vibrancy, surprised by how friendly everyone is, and surprised by how Buffalo continues to get overlooked.

Right now, there are almost endless opportunities for travel nurses, school nurses, and allied positions of all types.  Hurry up and contact a recruitment professional today and express your interest in discovering the city of Buffalo! You’ll be glad you did.

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