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There is More to Baltimore Than Amazing Crab Cakes

For seafood lovers, a trip to Baltimore to enjoy world-famous crab cakes and other culinary delights from the sea is well worth the trip.

For seafood lovers, a trip to Baltimore to enjoy world-famous crab cakes and other culinary delights from the sea is well worth the trip. But if that is your only reason for going, you will be missing out on a city steeped in history and mystery! There are currently plenty of healthcare opportunities in the Baltimore area, so we thought it would be the perfect time to fill you in on why you should pack your bags for an assignment in Baltimore.

  • Inner Harbor. On your assignment in Baltimore, make sure you have packed comfortable walking shoes because a trip down to the Inner Harbor will have your Fitbit working overtime. Baltimore’s waterfront destination is filled with attractions and places you will want to spend time exploring. The National Aquarium and its award-winning habitats house more than 20,000 creatures, an Atlantic Coral Reef, breathtaking jellyfish exhibit, and more. If you want to spend a day exploring paleontology, astronomy, physics, and other scientific phenomena, the Maryland Science Center will keep your eyes wide with wonder. While there, don’t miss an opportunity to climb aboard the USS Constellation, the 1854 naval vessel that saw action in both world wars.
  • Great Neighborhoods. In the mood for fine, authentic, Italian cuisine? Baltimore’s Little Italy is within walking distance of the Inner Harbor and a must-see destination for great food and making new friends. Bolton Hill is recognized as the garden district as it is home to beautiful parks, monuments, and stunning 19th-century architecture. Brewers Hill became famous for…you guessed it, late 19th-century brewing companies Gunther and Natural Bohemian were formed in this predominantly German neighborhood. If you want to experience how life might have been in the 1700’s, visit Fell’s Point. This neighborhood has been relatively unchanged since 1763 and is on the city, state, and National Historic Districts.
  • Chills and Thrills. Although the famous Edgar Allen Poe only lived in the city from 1833 to 1835, many of his most famous works were written at his residence, now known as Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum. Another interesting tidbit about the city is that the world-famous John Hopkins Hospital and Medical School was constructed on the site of an abandoned mental hospital. Baltimore is also the birthplace of the Ouija board, created in a local apartment building that has since been turned into a 7-Eleven!
  • National Anthem. There is a lot of history to be discovered in Baltimore. Arguably, none more important than the year 1814, when Francis Scott Key sat down near the waterfront and watched the British forces trying to take over the city of Baltimore. As he sat there watching, Key wrote down the words that would ultimately become “The Star-Spangled Banner,” our national anthem.
  • Art Museums. Something you may not know is that Baltimore is home to several incredible art museums. The Baltimore Museum of Art is home to 90,000 pieces including a large collection from Matisse, and others from Picasso, and Cézanne. The Walters Art Museum was opened in 1909 and features medieval galleries, Asian, Byzantine, Egyptian, and Ethiopian art collections. For eclectic tastes, the American Visionary Art Museum is home to colorful, non-traditional, and multi-dimensional collections that please visitors of all ages.

If you have never before considered an assignment in Baltimore, now is the time to take advantage of everything this great waterfront city has to offer. For a large metropolitan area, it is easy to navigate and features plenty of activities to fill up your downtime. Contact a Supplemental Health Care recruitment professional and express your interest in finding out about Baltimore.

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