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Why It’s Important for an MSP to be Aligned with Your Culture

Today, healthcare organizations are paying closer attention to their organizational culture and branding.

Today, healthcare organizations are paying closer attention to their organizational culture and branding. This is important for several reasons. One reason is that physician staffing carries great costs when it is not successful. Research shows that hiring the wrong physician can cost a healthcare system $1 million or more in lost revenue, reduced efficiencies, and organizational time. Many unsuccessful hires are due to the candidate not being a good fit culturally. These staffing lessons are not confined only to physicians. Nurses, therapists, and other allied staff should fit into your organization culturally as well. Having an MSP that is in alignment with the culture and values of your organization can have a measurable impact on quality and performance.

Just as the MSP is acting as an extension of the administrative operations in your organization, they will be far more successful if they are operating with similar values. When culture permeates your facility or healthcare system, it means that staff at all levels are performing their duties with a strong foundation of values, a collective attitude, and with consistent behaviors. That is not saying that your entire staff is a collection of robotic, healthcare professionals. Instead, your culture drives how tasks are performed, how patients are cared for, and how communication is handled throughout each level of the organization. Acting within the framework of culture, staff can be individuals and still perform in a team-based, quality, patient-focused system of care.

If your MSP isn’t engaged with your organization, then how would they ever know what type of employee would be a good fit culturally? If they aren’t operating under a similar culture or set of values, they will never understand your culture and why it is important to find professionals who fit within it.

In the rapidly changing healthcare environment, a strong organizational culture will help you navigate the pitfalls and challenges that are always lurking. Your MSP is there to provide the support necessary to allow your focus to remain on the business of patient care. If they are simply filling requisitions with little regard for “what happens next,” it is probably time to reassess their value to your organization.

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