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Why It’s Time for You to Find an MSP Solution

The worst position to be in for any healthcare organization, is when more resources are dedicated to hiring and onboarding than patient care.

The worst position to be in for any healthcare organization, is when more resources are dedicated to hiring and onboarding than patient care. The healthcare landscape is increasingly difficult to navigate, and administrators are spending too much time worrying about staffing concerns instead of managing legislative, quality, and patient care issues. If this remotely resembles your current situation, now is the time to consider an MSP solution that addresses your specific needs; allowing your resources to refocus on the business of healthcare. Let’s look at a few of the value propositions provided by an MSP provider that supports your needs as a partner.

What can an MSP do for your healthcare organization? No MSP solution is a one-size-fits-all proposition. Your MSP solution will be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. At its very basic level, an MSP will manage all of your contingent staffing needs. An MSP handles your staffing lifecycle from recruiting, screening, and interviewing, to on-boarding according to your established policies and procedures. The MSP handles all of the timekeeping, billing, and credentialing of your contingent staffing to free up your Human Resources staff to focus on other facility initiatives like patient safety and quality care.

An MSP solution is designed to your specifications. Each MSP solution is developed to meet your needs. If you have a short-term project that is going to require you to hire a large number of clinicians to provide patient-care while your permanent staff is trained on new systems, establishing a relationship can be a mechanism for you to manage staffing challenges while not impacting the quality of your healthcare services. One of the greatest value propositions provided by your MSP partner is that they create solutions to meet specific needs, whether permanent, long-term, or short-term.

A good MSP solution is fully integrated into your organization. When you enter into an MSP relationship, it is reasonable to expect the MSP provider to fully integrate into every necessary aspect of the organization. Your MSP provider will manage every detail as outlined in your agreement. Another benefit of a good MSP is partnering with a provider that is aligned with the culture and values you have developed in your organization. Having a partner that shares your values and knows the type of employee that will be successful for you will go a long way toward building consistency and reducing turnover and lost efficiency.

Just as each healthcare facility or system is different, the same applies to an MSP solution and the amount of tangible cost savings you will see. Obviously, the goal is to save money, but it is often the “hidden” savings that are what make the greatest impact. Instead of having a bottleneck in your recruitment and hiring process anytime a change occurs or turnover spikes, your responsive MSP provider will be managing those ebbs and flows for you. Another cost benefit that is not overtly apparent is the damage that can be caused by hiring the wrong person in desperation. A bad hire not only impacts patient trust and satisfaction but damages staff morale and unit efficiencies. Your MSP partner avoids the bad hires by being in alignment with your culture and having intimate knowledge of your best employee fits.

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