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Client Solutions

Client Solutions

Patient volumes rise and fall, but your budget is a straight line. You need a way to maximize patient care while maintaining staffing flexibility to protect your organization's bottom line. In today's competitive healthcare marketplace with chronic clinician shortages, it's time to rethink staffing.

We can help.

Supplemental Health Care provides quality healthcare professionals through flexible staffing solutions. We work with you to determine how to most efficiently meet your medical staffing requirements while providing optimum care levels.

When you partner with us, you can rest assured because:
  • We focus on engaging and retaining the smartest, most capable clinical staff possible.
  • We have offices in more than 20 major markets, plus national travel divisions, to deliver talent on demand and meet any circumstance.
  • Our Quality Assurance and Clinical Services team is led and staffed by RNs who enable our clients to deliver the very best patient care and also bring efficiency to the procurement and management of clinical staff.
  • We continue to build our business around the partnerships we develop with our clients - we don't just want your order; we want to help you develop a strategic relationship to keep pace with your fluctuating staffing demands now and in the future.

Supplemental Health Care's comprehensive services provide you with a variety of workforce solutions that meet every staffing situation and need. Whether you're a single-site facility or a nationwide healthcare network, we can help you improve your workforce coverage and operational effectiveness, while reducing overall staffing costs.

Contact us today to discover firsthand what our Worry Less, Care More philosophy can do for you!

Professionals with Purpose

People. They’re what make your office run. From the nurse who goes the extra mile for her patients to the therapist who helps a child speak his first words, the people you staff impact more than your bottom line. They impact the lives of your patients.

We choose only the best nurses, allied professionals, and non-clinical applicants for our staffing programs, because we believe people make the difference. Our people are the best at what they do, and it shows – Supplemental Health Care has consistently earned top ratings and highly coveted staffing awards for the past three years (and counting!).

 We have the ability and expertise to meet all your staffing needs, from nurses to allied professionals to non-clinical staff.  Contact us today to learn how our professionals can help you improve patient outcomes.


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Allied and Therapy

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Non Clinical Staffing

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Workforce Solutions

We understand what’s most important – quality, compassionate care that your patients and their families can depend on. Supplemental Healthcare’s nationwide network means you can choose from the best healthcare professionals across the country. Our people can make a difference for your patients.

 Time and again, our clients trust us provide the staffing solutions they need, and we’re proud to rise to the challenge. Contact us today to learn how our staffing solutions can help you improve patient care, reduce program expenses, and boost hiring and retention rates.

Care Settings

As one of the nation’s largest and most experienced healthcare staffing firms, we offer personal service and flexible staffing solutions. Whether you need a travel nurse, a therapist, or a list of pre-qualified and pre-screened candidates, we can help. 

With a nationwide network and more than 30 years of experience in healthcare staffing, we are a trusted provider for a variety of care centers across the US.  We provide highly qualified, credentialed and skilled healthcare professionals so you can worry less about staffing needs and focus on positive patient outcomes.

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