Company Culture

Company Culture

When you join Supplemental Health Care it’s an experience like no other.  At SHC we treat everyone like family because the atmosphere is one of caring, commitment, and compassion. We foster positive and nurturing relationships with each other, the healthcare professionals we place, and the clients we partner with. We genuinely want to see everyone succeed because we know that individual success without team success will lead us nowhere - and vice versa.  One team member is having a hard time, then we embrace the responsibility of putting our arms around that person and lifting them up.

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Your Team

A Team You Can Count On

At Supplemental Health Care, we work to create an energetic, team-oriented and supportive environment where every employee can contribute to the best of their ability. We embrace the values of a diverse workforce and recognize that contributions to our success come from all levels of our business.  We maintain high expectations and set even higher goals for ourselves and strive to reach those heights on a continuous basis. We take pride in our work and our company, with a shared belief that everyone plays a vital role, through our interaction with both healthcare professionals and facilities, in delivering quality patient outcomes.

Work Environment

Seriously Fun Work Environment

We take our jobs super seriously. We work countless hours to match the best possible healthcare professionals with the best care facilities across the U.S.  But that doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously. We know that a little humor, a chat with a coworker, a costume party on a Wednesday, or a smile as we pass each other in the hallway goes a long way to creating our unique company culture.  At SHC, laughter is plentiful! We understand that a positive vibe helps foster a fun workplace environment where we perform our best.


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Worry Less, Care More

"Worry Less, Care More"  is more than a slogan  - it’s at the heart of everything we do. While every staffing company looks to match clients with qualified healthcare professionals, we consistently go the extra step to remove any uncertainty during the process. We consider our healthcare professionals, our clients, and our internal team members to be part of a close-knit family that is dedicated to ensuring a worry-free partnership.  By going the extra mile, we remove the worry associated with providing services or retaining healthcare professionals so our partners can focus on providing the best care possible.

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