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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

When diversity isn’t a buzzword but a value that is embraced by a company, you create a familial atmosphere that breeds inclusive and innovative thinking. At Supplemental Health Care, we foster an environment that empowers all team members from every background. We ask every individual to bring their unique perspective and experiences with them every day so we can harness the diversity of thought in the decisions we make.  In our eyes, it’s impossible to be full partners with our healthcare professionals, clients, and employees without listening and acting on the collective expertise of our family. Why guess, when you can simply walk down the hall and ask the most important question: What do you think?

Atlanta Team


At Supplemental Health Care your voice matters! We promote an atmosphere where new ideas are welcome and encouraged. You’re never “just a number” at SHC. We understand that we are at our best when everyone is heard and valued.

Authentic Interaction

We value authenticity and openness. Supplemental Health Care is a place where people are comfortable having a dialogue not just about their similarities, but about their differences and the uniqueness they bring to the table.

Chicago Team
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Opportunity Is For Everyone

No one is left out at Supplemental Health Care. Regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, nation of origin, or disability status,  we value your ability to contribute to our growing family.

Diversity in Partnership

Supplemental Health Care is committed to not only having a diversified workforce but to partnering with companies that also exemplify inclusion and diversity in their ownership and employee make up.


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