Maintain Continuity While Upgrading



Whether you need to implement or upgrade a current EMR system, the question becomes how do you avoid...

  • Undue stress for your clinical staff?
  • Reduced staff availability and schedule coverage?
  • Unbudgeted staff overtime?
  • A slowdown in patient discharges?
  • Unacceptable staff-to-patient ratios?
  • Any negative impact in overall quality care?

We Can Help!  Supplemental Health Care is experienced in offering highly trained clinicians to maintain your staffing levels during all phases of your EMR upgrade or implementation.

Even if the upgrades are significant enough to warrant pulling staff from the floor to retrain, we will work with you to keep employee levels consistent so you can worry less about coverage and focus on caring more about positive patient outcomes.

How We Help

  • Work with you to develop an EMR conversion staffing plan and time line
  • Coordinate and manage staffing program based on volume and need across nursing, allied and physician disciplines
  • Utilize per diem/PRN, short-term, long-term and contract clinicians as required
  • Provide consolidated billing and budget tracking for improved financial control
  • Reduce pre and post implementation stress and patient impact


Workforce Solutions

Supplemental Health Care's comprehensive services provide you with a variety of workforce solutions that meet every staffing situation and need. Whether you're a singe-site facility or a nationwide healthcare network, we can help you improve your workforce coverage and operational effectiveness, while reducing overall staffing costs.

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