Your Career in Home Health

Your Career in Home Health

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Advantages of Working in Home Health

Across the U.S., the home health field is growing rapidly. More than 5 million patients receive home care annually in the U.S. according to the National Association of Home Care and Hospice (NAHC). And that demand is only expected to increase in coming years based on current trends.

We’ve spoken to working home health care professionals about their experiences and the advantages of working in home health. They all agreed that home health is among the most personal settings you can work in. Home health professionals often report deeper relationships with patients and their families because of the nature of care.

With work options from coast-to-coast and deeply fulfilling work, home health is a great option to consider for your career.

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Questions About Home Health?

If you have specific questions or want to explore options, SHC’s dedicated Home Health division can help.

What Makes Home Health Different

Freedom: Traveling from home to home means you’re not stuck inside a single building
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Closer connections: The personal nature of care often means longer care engagements and deeper relationships with patients
Growing industry: COVID-19 accelerated home care delivery, but the biggest demands are still expected to grow over the next 10-15 years
Independence: Home Health professionals work more independently than professionals in other settings
Flexibility: Across the U.S., high demand means local, travel, and per-diem options to fit your schedule and career goals
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“It makes a big difference being with a company that has your back. I can tell you that Supplemental Health Care literally has your back! I consider it an honor to be a nurse, and I am proud of the job I am doing. We need good nurses in the field, and that is how Supplemental Health Care offers us an opportunity by giving newer nurses a chance to learn and grow.”

Connections that Fuel Miracles

Every day, Supplemental Health Care connects passionate healthcare and school professionals with opportunities to fulfill their calling - caring for others. Those connections enable some of the most miraculous human achievements. From the most rigorous course of care to a simple caring touch, healthcare touches lives deeply and changes them forever.

If you’ve been looking for an employment partner as passionate about care as you are, you’ve found us. With more than 37 years of experience as a leading healthcare staffing employer, a national reach, and service awards ranking in the top 2% of our industry, SHC provides the support you deserve.

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