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Pool Management

PRN Pool Management

Supplemental Health Care’s comprehensive, single-source approach to staffing means that we move beyond simply providing our own staff.  We can also help you to more effectively manage your own internal pool.  

Through our PRN Pool Management services, we can identify gaps in coverage and put together plans and schedules to enhance care, while minimizing overwork or under utilization of your resources.

Through PRN Pool Management, we can:

  • Develop a strategic workforce plan
  • Improve staff-to-patient ratios
  • Ensure the compliance of all of your clinical staff
  • Audit the performance of your team
  • Deliver quality business intelligence metrics through comprehensive performance reporting
  • Improve the transparency and control of your pool program
  • Keep pace with healthcare reform and advances in care, while reducing your liability
  • Define financial objectives that are linked to program goals and performance

Supplemental Health Care can bring the operational strengths of our talent management processes into your own internal working environment. Let us show you how, contact us today.

Float Pool Management

Workforce Solutions

Supplemental Health Care's comprehensive services provide you with a variety of workforce solutions that meet every staffing situation and need. Whether you're a singe-site facility or a nationwide healthcare network, we can help you improve your workforce coverage and operational effectiveness, while reducing overall staffing costs.

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