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Why You Should Care About Implicit Bias in Healthcare
In 1966, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shared at the Medical Committee on Human Rights, “Of all forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhuman.”
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 17, 2022
Healthcare Staffing Trends to Watch in 2022
As we close out 2021 and look to continue our work in the new year, I am reminded of how grateful I am to be in healthcare staffing. Across the country, Supplemental Health Care is making a difference everywhere care is delivered: in underserved communities, hospitals, healthcare facilities, homes, schools, and correctional facilities. Our teams are doing meaningful and significant work to ensure that patients across the country are receiving the care they need.
By Vickie Anenberg Jan 12, 2022
The Pros and Cons of Telehealth Expansion
Telehealth is becoming more and more common in healthcare to expand access of care and offer alternative care options. Routine examinations, follow-up appointments, and virtual therapy sessions can all be completed via telehealth communication.
By Supplemental Health Care Jan 5, 2022
How to Start Traveling as an LPN
Licensed practical nurses are an essential part of the healthcare field that help keep patients healthy and ensure that everything is in order. In addition, this job offers ample opportunities for growth, stability, and even travel. LPNs can become travel nurses, expanding their horizons, and living in new places while gaining new experiences and furthering their careers.
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 29, 2021
Care More Spotlight: Showing Others Their Strength
Since 1999, the Daisy Award has served as a way to recognize nurses who go above and beyond the call of duty for their patients. While some nurses may shrug off extra recognition by modestly claiming "I was just doing my job," receiving a Daisy Award nomination is an important statement about the incredible care and compassion provided by our nurses.
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 22, 2021
A Holiday Message of Hope
This time of year invites reflection, and that’s truer this year than for almost any I can remember. When we began 2021, our nation was in one of the most difficult periods of the COVID-19 pandemic, our national political systems were being tested, and families across the country were facing all kinds of uncertainty.
By Greg Palmer Dec 15, 2021
The Ultimate Guide to Packing for a Travel Assignment
You found your next travel assignment, all the paperwork is complete, now it’s time to pack up the car and head out on the road. So, what do you pack?
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 8, 2021
Care More Spotlight: Compassion for a Student in Need
Nurses, regardless of setting, are in the unique position of being able to have a lasting, positive impact on everyone in their care. In a school setting, the nurses see students of all backgrounds and socio-economic statuses. Many school nurses go out of their way to give that little bit extra for children in need. 
By Supplemental Health Care Dec 1, 2021
How to Support Our Healthcare Workers Right Now
For close to two years now, time and again, we have read about or witnessed first-hand the bravery and dedication of our nation’s healthcare professionals. No one could have foreseen the incredible stress and strain the COVID-19 pandemic would place on the shoulders of those entrusted with providing healthcare to the masses.
By Linda McDonnell Nov 24, 2021
Best Scrubs Brands for Healthcare Professionals
Scrubs are the perfect uniform. You never have to waste time ironing, they are super comfortable, and can even reflect your personality. There are pros and cons to wearing scrubs, but typically the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives.
By Supplemental Health Care Nov 17, 2021
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