How to Find Housing as a Travel Nurse or Therapist

Is 2017 the year you finally decide to try your hand at travel nursing?  You’ve heard and read about all of the rewarding and exciting experiences others have had as a “Working Tourist,” but there are a few things you still need to understand.  For exampl

Is 2017 the year you finally decide to try your hand at travel nursing or travel therapy?  You’ve heard and read about all of the rewarding and exciting experiences others have had as a “Working Tourist,” but there are a few things you still need to understand.  For example, one of the main considerations, when you become a travel nurse, is “where will I stay?”  Fortunately, when you are working with Supplemental Health Care, there are housing experts available to help you every step of the way.

As a traveler, you will have a number of options available with the ultimate decision made by you based on your needs and assignment goals.  Let’s look at a few considerations you will need to explore before deciding on the most suitable option.

How much “home” do you need?  Your travel assignment will last for at least 13-weeks.  During that amount of time, you will need to decide what you need to be both comfortable and economical.  Will you be comfortable renting a room or do you prefer the comfort and space of a two bedroom apartment?  Depending on the location of your assignment, finding short-term, all-inclusive housing will pose more of a challenge.  Studios and one bedroom apartments are more readily available as long as you aren’t tied up in a longer-term lease situation.  Striking a balance between cost and comfort is a consideration on every assignment and may change for you over time and for specific preferences on individual locations.

What Is your assignment objective?  For each assignment, you may have a different objective.  If this is strictly a work assignment and you want to make as much money over the next 13-weeks as possible, then minimalist living quarters may be your objective.  However, if the assignment is in a location that you consider a vacation opportunity, then spending a little bit more on housing might be more in line.  Your housing decision might then be based on proximity to tourist locations and whether you family will visit to enjoy the sights.  Fortunately, no matter what your assignment objective turns out to be, a Supplemental Health Care housing specialist can help put you in the best possible living situation.

How safe are online sites?  Many travelers who like to handle all of their housing decisions themselves online, talk about using sites like Craigslist and Airbnb.  Both of these options and others like them can be very convenient as long as you exercise caution.  Stacey Clemons, Housing Compliance Supervisor for Supplemental Health Care, offers some advice for travelers who like to handle their own housing.“It is very important to know that upfront money, like holding fees, or first and last month’s rent are negotiable,” she explains.“Always negotiate.Not only the amount of the holding fees but also, how much you have to send them beforehand.”Airbnb is a platform that allows travelers to find hosts who are willing to rent out rooms or even entire homes. Part of the appeal is that with Airbnb, you can search based on your desired amenities and even check out the neighborhood.  Plus, all financial transactions are handled through the website.

Are extended-stay hotels worth the cost?  Today, most major hotel chains offer extended-stay options, and the competition between them is fierce.  At first glance, some travelers are concerned about the costs of extended-stay hotels, but with the variety and extent of the amenities being offered, the costs often turn out to be worth it.  From free breakfasts, fitness centers, convenient laundry facilities, and even the occasion dinner, the extended stay option can provide you with peace of mind and convenience for the duration of your 13-week assignment.

A final consideration for travelers is to rely on your personal network.  Consider staying with family or friends when you are out on the road.  Being a traveler can provide you with a great opportunity to reconnect with distant relatives or college friends that have moved away.  Even if you don’t have an opportunity to stay with them, they may be able to help provide you with “reconnaissance” about your future travel area.

Every experienced traveler has their own methods for finding the best housing situation for an assignment.  Many rely on Supplemental Health Care’s housing specialists or their recruiter, while others make all of the arrangements themselves.  There is no right or wrong way as long as you are comfortable with where you are staying, and you are giving yourself an opportunity to be successful each time out.  For new travelers, the recommendation is to let the experts help you with your housing decision.  Getting off on the right foot on your first assignment is the best way to experience and understand the great opportunities that a career in travel nursing provides.

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