Successful School Healthcare Staffing Takes a Team Approach

There are misconceptions about working in the schools, but as you explore it as a career option, you will find that it is as challenging as it is rewarding. 

This time of year, school districts around the country are working on finding the healthcare professionals to provide special education, therapy, mental health, and nursing care to the more than six million students who rely on it during the school year. There are misconceptions about working in the schools, but as you explore it as a career option, you will find that it is as challenging as it is rewarding. In fact, providing therapy service and care to students is more complex than ever, and successful school health professionals need a great supporting cast behind them.

Increasingly, school systems are turning toward collaborations with a staffing partner they can trust to help them navigate the challenges that exist in finding healthcare professionals that can thrive in a school setting. Each district is different and presents a unique set of needs and challenges. A successful staffing partner is going to spend the time necessary to learn about the culture of the district, to understand the challenges, and also the student needs. Only then, can professional clinicians be identified that will fit into that setting and enhance the health services team.

Supplemental Health Care is one such staffing partner, with a School Division comprised of industry experts that understand what it takes to ensure students are receiving the critical health services and therapies they need from outstanding clinicians. Brittney Bourgeois, a Speech-Language Pathologist with Supplemental Health Care’s St. Louis office, was named 2018 National Staffing Employee of the Year. In her acceptance speech, Brittney credited the team-based approach as a contributing factor to her success.

A team-based approach dispels another school staffing myth that you are out on your own. Placing a nurse or therapist into a school district and essentially walking away is not a formula for success, not for the school, the students, or the individual. Success is when there is a support network behind the clinician, providing performance feedback, compliance oversight, professional development and training, and also an ongoing collaboration with the school administrators.

Another important factor for school systems to consider when trying to find the right staffing partner to collaborate with, is access to a deep pool of candidates. Staffing shortages or openings can occur at any time, whether to fill in for maternity leave or an injury or illness, qualified candidates have to be found quickly to meet student needs. Ideally, partnerships with a company that has a large network of offices in major markets, but also a nationwide reach will provide consistent coverage for school districts throughout the United States.

It is peak time right now for school-based recruiting. If you are a school district administrator that needs flexible options for your unique challenges, contact a Supplemental Health Care School Division professional here. If you are a healthcare professional looking for a career opportunity in a school setting, contact us today, or check out some of the openings we have available through our powerful job search portal.

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