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Connections that Fuel Miracles in Behavioral Health

At Supplemental Health Care (SHC), we are deeply rooted in serving the needs of the behavioral health community. More than 37 years ago, we opened our doors as a specialty travel nurse staffing company, focused solely on staffing mental health facilities. Since then, we have expanded the range of our services to include more roles in more locations, and our commitments to our behavioral health staffing partners across the U.S. have only grown stronger.

In hospitals, mental health clinics, addiction centers, schools, and everywhere else that mental health services are delivered, SHC connects caring nurses, social workers, counselors, mental health techs, case managers, psychologists, psych techs, and other providers with the patients and students that need them.

When caring professionals can fulfill their life’s purpose at your facility, miraculous things are possible.

How Can We Help?

We’re ready to begin connecting caring Behavioral and Mental Health professionals with the communities you support.


Dedicated Behavioral Health division with experienced recruiters focusing on your needs
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Over 37 years of experience in staffing Behavioral and Mental Health roles
100% of surveyed behavioral health customers say SHC staff are qualified and fit the culture of their facility
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76% of working SHC behavioral health professionals recommend SHC as an employer
35.4 million hours service in psych, behavioral health, and correctional disciplines
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“I’m not sure if I chose social work, or if social work chose me. I have always loved helping others, and much to the chagrin of my teachers, when I was young,  I was always advocating on behalf of my fellow students.”

Connections that Fuel Miracles

Every day, Supplemental Health Care connects passionate healthcare and school professionals with opportunities to fulfill their calling - caring for others. Those connections enable some of the most miraculous human achievements. From the most rigorous course of care to a simple caring touch, healthcare touches lives deeply and changes them forever.

If you’ve been looking for an MSP partner as passionate about care as you are, you’ve found us. With more than 37 years of experience as a leading healthcare staffing employer, a national reach, and service awards ranking in the top 2% of our industry, SHC provides the support your facility deserves.

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