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Getting Started in in Travel Nursing

If you’re interested in becoming a travel nurse, you probably have a lot of questions. How do I get started? What should I expect on my first day? How do I find the right travel nursing agency to work with? 

Supplemental Health Care is here for you. We’ve been helping nurses get started in travel careers and placed on assignments for more than 37 years. Our recruiting, compliance, housing, and payroll teams work together to support you every step of the way. 

For more information on getting started, check out our step-by-step guide to becoming a travel nurse, the answers to the top 10 travel nursing questions, and advice from our seasoned travelers. SHC has travel nursing jobs across the country, so you can find an assignment in your dream location or start your travel nursing career closer to home

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SHC has more than 37 years of experience helping travel nurses find great assignments across the U.S. We’re here to help.

5 Steps to Your First Assignment

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Experience & Licensing: Most agencies require 1-2 years of recent RN experience, and your state/compact licenses will impact where you can travel
Ask the Right Questions: You’ll spend a lot of time working with your recruiter, so start by asking the right questions. We’ve put together some specific questions to help.
Decide what you’re looking for: Setting, location, facility size, and many other factors are all part of finding the right fit for you
Find a fit: You may be presented to more than one facility before finding the perfect role. This can take a little time, but it’s worth it to find what you want
Day 1: Your recruiter can guide you on travel arrangements, housing, compliance, and what to expect on your first day. Now the fun can start!
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"I would advise any nurse to start considering travel assignments. It can be scary at first to leave a staff position, but this has by far been the best decision I have made for myself and my career. I love meeting new people and traveling, and now I get to do both of those things that I love, and the best part is that it is my job!” 

Connections that Fuel Miracles

When you’re considering your first travel nurse job, having the right partner is critical. You want someone you can trust to make the process easy, so you can focus on enjoying your travel assignment and providing exceptional patient care.

Supplemental Health Care has been a leading travel nurse agency for over 37 years. We offer options coast-to-coast in hospitals, home health, schools, behavioral health, corrections, and everywhere else that care is delivered.

But more importantly, we understand what it takes to support travel nurses. Our working travel nurses have rated SHC’s service as world-class, with scores that place SHC among such loved brands as Netflix, Apple, and Southwest Airlines.

We believe that when caring travel nurses have the support they need to focus on patient care, miraculous things are possible.

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