Travel Nursing Licensure Made Easy

Travel Nursing Licensure Made Easy

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Travel Nurse Licensing

Licensure and compliance are critical elements of the travel nurse experience, and because every state process is different, it can be difficult to navigate the landscape without the right support. As a 37 year veteran of the travel nurse employment industry, Supplemental Health Care (SHC) is the hands-on partner you need to navigate the licensure process.

With the Nursing Licensure Compact expanding every year, there are more opportunities for travel nurses than ever before. The Compact carries many benefits for RNs and LPNs/LVNs as well as for states, patients, and healthcare facilities. Our expert team can help determine the best locations for your next travel assignment based on your credentials and assist new SHC nurses with getting started and licensing costs.


How Can We Help?

If you’re ready to get started or have specific questions about travel nurse licensure, we’re here to help.


If you require a new license to go to work with SHC, we’ll fully reimburse any associated costs on your first pay check
Our dedicated licensing and compliance teams can help navigate the licensure process for the states you want to work in
Start early – some state licensure processes can take weeks or months. Start thinking about your next location as early as possible to have the time you need
The enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact (eNLC) has transformed the market for travel nurses. 
New states are joining the eNLC all the time. SHC can help you stay up-to-date on options and current conditions.
Morrisa G.


"Sometimes we go about our jobs and never hear anything. I want you to know I appreciate you! I am able to be on the front lines to help our country because of your effort and dedication. Everything isn't about money, it's about our country, our communities in need, and the valuable friendships that we develop along this crazy journey of 2020. There is always a positive lesson or experience out of everything."

Connections that Fuel Miracles

As a travel nurse, you have a lot to figure out: finding the right recruiter, deciding on a location, and making travel arrangements. With all of that, navigating a state’s licensure process shouldn’t be a barrier to your next perfect travel assignment.

Supplemental Health Care has been a leading travel nurse agency for over 37 years. We offer options coast-to-coast in hospitals, home health, schools, behavioral health, corrections, and everywhere else that care is delivered.

But more importantly, we understand what it takes to support travel nurses. Our working travel nurses have rated SHC’s service as world-class, with scores that place SHC among such loved brands as Netflix, Apple, and Southwest Airlines.

We believe that when caring travel nurses have the support they need to focus on patient care - miraculous things are possible.

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